Master Of Multitasking

As a stay at home mum, I have now realised that this is not a piece of cake. Contrary to the usual comments of others that , we SAHMs are relaxed  and we have a lot of free time to do what we want . Well, I dont totally agree on that because sometimes , I cant even finish my planned tasks for the day. Because I have a toddler who is constantly curious and on the move,I have to juggle chores,  toddler care and routine . 

Sometimes, I feel that I would like to take some time off during the day to just be with myself. No strollers, no vacuum cleaner and toilet brush to think about. But as soon as I try to proceed on thinking of what to do on thay “free day” , the thoughts on who will look after the LO and how to make sure the house is clean and clothes are folded hits my brain again. Making me feel and think that I am becoming selfish. Good thing there are blogsites and blogging. That is my way of sharing my thoughts and what if moments. A few minutes typing in and I feel that I have taken a break from my juggling act. 

This week has been a little challenging for me and that added into my juggling act of being a multitasker. Good thing  that our place, even if it has slopes that might make my buns turn into steel eventually has a good view and nearby places to mak me feel that I can do this. 

To all SAHMs put there I am sure that you have had the same feelings or situations  that I have now,I hope your are coping well and that there are people who can support you if you need some advice or just a listening ear. If you feel overwhelmed with the multitasking routine that we have to do all day. Pause for a while and relax a bit.Breathe some fresh air and be proud of what you have accomplished on that day. 

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Sunny Side Up

I had no chance to post anything last week because of our last week of stay in Perth. I had to arrange with the removal company in collecting our stuff and also getting our apartment a good clean   — ok i had hired an airtasker for that . Because I need a pro in cleaning . 

And we had finally wrapped up our first chapter settling in Australia. Last Saturday, we flew out of Perth ( our home for the past 4 months) and arrived yesterday here in Gosford. A quiet city here at the Central Coast.  But  with  wonderful sunny and  postcard view from our balcony.  ( that’s accdg to me) The waterfront has boats and yachts and you can see it getting busy with watersport enthusiasts on jetski or wakeboards while the NSW passes by on the backgroud and the lush greenery. 

That being mentioned like a travel magazine. I am so pleased that our 48 days being apart as a family is complete again. The logistics planning on packing picking up our stuff from one state to be delivered here  is about  to be done, ( they should arrive in a couple of weeks)my DH part on shopping and furnishing our apt with the basics- extra points on assembling the tables and organizers like McGyver! It was a tiring and sometimes stressful but here we are. Happy and feeling accomplished for our little projects done. 

We are also very glad that our DH is loving her new environment. No fuss on the plane and the drive over here. And she is now back to her routine ( pardon the mess) and her appetite is becoming more interesting since her dad is back.( pasta, pizza, spring rolls and sushi handrolls are on her list now) 

I hope that we will be more settled longer here and perhaps get to know more new friends for LO and our family too. To all mums and families  who had been on the move like us. Hang in there because after the hard  work and somtimes  frustrating days of moving , a Bright and Sunny start awaits. 
Have a great  week everyone. 

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Click Like and Other Social Media Nonsense


Don’t you just hate it when these kind of things flood yor newsfeed ? Unfortunately there are different versions of hoax news being posted on FB. From celebrities committing suicide, like and type something and see what happens, winning  an iPhone or iPad if you click like and share , and the latest this past few days….

“Better to be safe than sorry. An attorney advised us to post this. Good enough for me. The violation of privacy can be punished by law (UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute). NOTE: Facebook is now a public entity. All members must post a note like this. If you do not publish a statement at least once, it will be tacitly understood that you are allowing the use of your photos, as well as the information contained in your profile status updates. I HEREBY STATE THAT I DO NOT GIVE MY PERMISSION.
If you prefer, you can copy and paste.”

This reminds me of the pre-facebook era on my Yahoo email getting those weird email saying that I am the long lost kin of a super duper rich royalty and I am about to get 24,000,000,000,000 dollars . I just have to pay the attorney for processing the inheritance money transfer by providing my bank account details.  HAHAHA ! this and the miracle drug free trial that can make your private parts grow . ( What the hell??)

Seriously , what happened to people’s common sense? Yeah sure FB is a strong social media platform but it doesn’t mean that we should believe on whatever is being posted on it. Well some people would tell me that “there’s no harm on giving it a try” Fine. Your choice . but is that the smartest choice you can make?

My brother shared with me last week about a media campaign in one of the local channels in the Philippines “Think Before You Click” . I think that it is a good effort  to reach out to the people out there on being responsible users of social media. As social media users, let us not use it as a tool to channel and promote hate, or to turn us into gullible human beings. Check the facts first and that means READ the proper news sources or watch the local news. Read and understand  what is being posted and try to ponder if there is really a need to comment. And if you do, is it tactful and would make things better? If not, maybe just ignore and move on.

My tolerance to this kind of things flooding the newsfeed has gone low. It is worse than getting an invite to play Farmville or Candy Crush . If that person keeps on posting such nonsense, I would simply click unfollow . I had even reported a few people on FB regarding posts that I find inappropriate like violence and  nudity . ( yes there are some people think that a naked baby showering is good to post on fb . little they know that there are a lot of dark and twisted sickos out there who are preying and finding pleasure on this photos that  some think “cute” )

And as for this privacy hooha going on. A simple advice. To protect your privacy, set up a strong password and change it periodically. That’s it.

So i think if I see someone post that facebook privacy again.. I better call one person who can take care of this…. Mr. Bryan Mills o.. go get them .

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Teething  is like….

LO turned 13 mos last week. Currently she has  4 upper and 2 lower teeth. When she had those coming out,she was a ROCKSTAR in handling it. Minor symptoms like loss of appetite, drool, softer BM and slight level of crankiness. It was easily handled. And she was fine. 

But now that she’s slightly older. Things are more challenging. Yesterday, she started coughing, runny nose . Good that she has  no fever. So the normal routine is on with breakfast and we even managed to get to church without any fuss. ( LO is a well-behaved bub during church service – she sleeps after the praise and worship and wakes up after the message) 

When we got home, I decided not to put pressure on solid food and gave her a soft meal and yoghurt and a lil bit of the Filipino “pancit bihon” But she is already showing signs of irritability. And I told myself. I CAN HANDLE a class of 20 kids, LO is only 1. Hmm, maybe I was too confident. I realized that her itchy or  painful gums are really bothering her so I applied Bonjela. She was ok for few minutes and the drama started again. Baby Panadol to the rescue. She was ok and had her milk and I was hoping that she would nap. 

2 hours after , no sign of a sleepy toddler. She wants cuddles  after a minute she wants to jump on the pillows , cries for a bit and I told myslef ok let’s move on and watch some house hunters renovation. That helped and I got a 45 minute break. 

The thing with having a toddler at home is that the time runs so fast like Usain Bolt . So I decided that for dinner, LO will have sweet potato puree. Easy to eat , no stress on her gums. DH suggested to chill it so its more soothing. ( score on the Daddy frontlines) . It worked after 4 baby spoons. In the end , she preferred yoghurt and a rye crispbread. ( fine! I will not win the mummy of the year award for this. ) as long she is happy and full on her terms. We will save the big meals when the teething fiasco is done. 

LO is still whine and cranky. I thought that a bath will calm her down and we will watch some Peppa Pig and Baby Jake on YouTube ( bless smart TVs) after. It was all cool and then here comes sleep time. Hurdles ahead. 

LO is asleep by 745pm but this time is an hour extra. Poor baby! After a dose of panadol for  babies, she was asleep. Heck, I will not put her on the cot tonight, she can snuggle next to me. 

Today we were up at 6.00. Same level of irritability and I gave her milk to calm her down and we started our Monday. Her mood is on and off but I will just keep on trying to do my best to sooth her. Sure thing it will drive me nuts but oh well, just face it and hope that the teeth will grow out soon. 

Meanwhile I saw this chart . Looks like we still have a long way to go. 

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Busy With a Capital B

( used my iPhone for this day’s post)
I had a very busy week and even if I am a full time mum. I still like to use TGIF every Fridays. Somehow , I do feel  and try to pace myself a bit slower every weekends.

Aside from my usual mummy duties , I am also temporarily a solo mum as my DH is now based in NSW but at the end of the month we will all be flying there to have our lil family complete again. My days are no piece of cake but I am thankful that there are ways on how to cope with this kind of situation.

So going back to tasks that I am feeling proud of accomplishing this week. I started it with my DH car to get moved interstate. Though I had a brush of cold customer service treatment on Monday by their car office here in Perth. I will not let it just go by, I emailed the main office and shared what happened. It was kind of them to apologise and had my concerns handled by a more friendly staff. So on Wednesday, the car was collected. Task 1 checked!!

So the next will be getting the removal company paid and finalise the details. Well thank God for technology and with online banking. It has been crossed out of the list and I just got the confirmation that payment was received. Task 2 checked.

Now, it will be the dreaded part of packing our things again. Trust me, when you have a toddler who is always curious, and likes to open and scatter stuff on the floor. Packing items in boxes are like catching water with chopsticks. And how I managed to get Bunnings warehouse ? Well that’s biggie thanks to this app called Airtasker. ( post an errand or job and your budget , Voila you will be surprised that there are people who can help you )I had 2 tasks succesfully done out of 2 posts ( dh’s car and the bunnings errand. I am still finalising our inspection dates so I will be posting a house cleaning task soon) this task 3: Pending until i box and pack everything.

Meanwhile, my hard work had been rewarded during the midweek as my ACECQA overseas qualifications assessment result came in and I am a qualified diploma level  in Early Childhood ed and my short course on Medical Terminology and Reception was completed with the certificates. With those two and my ongoing logistic training , I am gonna be a Rockstar mama!!! Also, a friend im the US gave birth and my cousin in Melbourne got married. Good vibes!!!

Then, getting flights booked. We have learned that flying from west to east coast here in Australia is almost a proce of us going to Bali or Thailand. So with our previous experience with tigerair. We decided not to fly with them and use Jetstar . As Jetstay has more sensible pricing deals on luggage allowance . Click, pay … Booked . Tick that box on task 4!

Then the next will be how to get to Gosford without breaking our pockets with taxi and back if we catch the train( NsW trains are awesome by the way but due to our luggage and toddler in tow we will skip the train for thos upcoming move). I remembered my aunt telling me that my other aunt wpuld take a shuttle when the go for cruises up to their area inWollongong. So there! We found centralcoast transfers. It’s a shuttle service and we are sure that the vehicle is safe with an infant seat and they will drop us off straight to our home in Gosford. Take that!  task 5!

With that plus getting my LO to the doc for her  vaccination. Pretty much sums up the week. How do I feel?  Well It’s good that I have it all done. But I am  pretty overwhelmed  because there are some minor things that I might not paying too much attention like cleaning our place or spending quality time with my LO. I just hope that these things will be settled and we can move on and be complete again.

Hang on…. that sounds like another task .

Tadaaannnn .. the busy mum continues.

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Customer Service… served ICE COLD…. Brrr!


I am writing this post whilst listening to the 2nd bout of the US Presidential Debate. My! It was as entertaining as the previous Philippines debate. I didnt know this is the new comedy series! Better than NEtflix!

But as a busy mum  and staying on task with moving our stuff from WA to NSW. Today, I  need to call the car movers to follow through the email they sent to me that the car will be collected today. And the call came through ….( customer service rep will be CSR  and me : M)

CSR: ( “car service removal company” )good morning this is Kim speaking. ( her tone is already on level 8

M: Hi , I am R and I would like to check the status of my car pick up scheduled today. I do have my booking number with me.

CSR: WAIT! ( clicking  on the keyboard … tap tap tap) What is it again.

M: its ( the 7 digit code)

CSR: (volume level  is now on 9) no your car will not be picked up today. it only came in today in our system.

M: Oh that;s a bit strange because I paid on 7th of Oct and the email confirmation reads that it will be collected on 10/10/2016.

CSR: ( volume level 10 with amplifiers on the sarcastic and annoyed tone) If you have any issues with that  you call the company where you booked at . We are only a collection company. You have to wait 24-48 hours to get us back to you. Most likely your car will be collected on 12th oct.

M: ( deep breaths! it’s monday) Oh ok , thanks for your help. ( counting 1 to 10 so i wont self destruct) I will look forward to the updates then.

CSR: ( not changing her tone and volume) alright goodbye.

Wow! Kim surely had a rough weekend to be on that mood on a Monday. But I do not think that she should have packed it along to work today unless it is “Grumpy Monday” or “Let’s Be Mean” Day. I contacted their main office and emailed me about how the call was handled here in Perth. ( Yes, I am quick on raising concerns . but the mail was professionally composed ) They were apologetic and have referred me to another handler whom they say ( fingers crossed) is good on follow up and checking status with customers.

Done . I am cool .. and I am blogging about it now. hahaha

What has happened to the soft skill called CUSTOMER SERVICE? On January 2010, I had a short stint as a CSR at Sykes Asia and I was representing Prudential ( USA). And I remembered how the training sessions were handled on how we should talk over the phone, how the tone of our voices will set the mood and assure that our clients will feel that they are taken care of and that someone is LISTENING on the other end of the line. And with my job as a teacher , customer service is also being practised at work on  perhaps a different setting .

I don’t think I am a difficult customer myself. As a matter of fact, I am polite and most of the time apologetic especially if I know I would be asking a lot of questions. ( hey! i need to get info before buying or committing to a service). I always greet and  say my Please and thank yous and in a very respectful manner.I like writing good reviews. We have a lot of awesome experiences with different service providers ranging from moving companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants  ( i do have bad reviews  but thats another blog entry hahaha) aand even an airtasker who just helped me jumpstart an automatic car.

I am not going to say that customers are always right but also I do not agree that customer service reps should treat queries sarcastically. The reason why customers call and ask  is that they need help and  they should be attended to. To those CSRs having a bad day, please take deep breaths and think that the caller will not be your punching bag of frustrations. If CSR job is not your thing, maybe it is time to move on and take a career change. Be a jail warden, a bounty hunter, bull fighter,  special action force member to hunt down bad guys in Iraq and Syria.Please not the service desk. You are a liability more of an asset.

Have a beautiful week ahead !

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World Teacher’s Day

Now, I have to to say that I have been out of the teaching industry since July 2015. But thanks to social media Facebook. That reminded me that 5th October  was World  Teacher’s Day! To be honest, I am a bit confused on this day because some countries would celebrate it it on September ( my teaching stint in Singapore) and May for Korea. Some countries  that I have been posted at don’t celebrate it . ( Germany and Bahrain).

And since I am a Filipino. This entry will be for everyone who is in the teaching field. Salute to us !( I would still like to involve myself in as I may return on the field again in the future) . I am delighted to see the gifts , school dinners or lunches being posted as it shows how teachers are being valued by their students and parents. Keep up the good work and continue the legacy of inspiring the lives of your students.

And just for laughs. I had gathered some funny memes from google images. Relevant and every teacher will get the “feels” .

First this one:


Well here is the truth y’all. Looking back on my routine when I was still teaching it goes like this:  Looking at our weekly plan ,preparing the classroom, children comes in -check attendance, (console crying kids) read a story, perform the learning activities in numeracy, literacy, music and movement, bring children for outdoor activities, wash hands before snack, ensure that they eat their snack and drink water, do art and craft, clean up the spills, ensure that the children tidy up and wash their hands, prepare letters for parents ( if any) get ready for hometime, line the children up, make sure that every child was with the right parent or guardian at hometime. Read and answer emails from the parents , sit on staff meetings, prepare the lesson activities for tomorrow. upload photos and compile children’s work. switch off the light and computer and then go home.  Now if you hear someone say this.. please reward them… with a hi5 on the face.

Next meme…


This is true. I have encountered some parents who were like this. ( Not that I got fired) Some parents  believe that their child is not capable of doing such and such a meek lamb  and a cherub at home.  So it is the teacher’s fault . tsk, tsk ,tsk…. Pray hard that your supervisor or principal is not gullible to entertain such parents and their ridiculous behaviour. If I were a principal ,and I know that my teacher is only doing her job dutifully, I will be glad to serve you a withdrawal form from this school mr.and mrs obnoxious.

Meanwhile, let us move a bit away from demanding parents and get into the staff meetings ….


That dreadful one week before school opening. Instead of prepping up your classroom. The principal calls for training session or meetings that usually takes days to be finished. And they will say that the classlist is being re updated . Then you will either be left with a day or two to  type , print in various fonts  for labels , record files  and laminate. But then….!!!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is so true! My solution on this is that I bought an  laminating machine  for myself( a4) and then just use the class’ laminating machine. But not all teachers would do same. this is one of the most annoying things to happen  during the preparation for the new school year.

but honestly…..


It should be a partnership between parents and teachers. We are no rivals in raising up children. Let us not compete or point fingers at each other. I believe that parents should set the foundation at home where the child feels nurtured , cared about and loved. In school we enrich these values  by exposing them to other children and following rules  and routines  set by the school .

But you know what dear teachers, Do not give up. DO not feel offended easily from hear says  coming from parents. In Korea, I have few parents who like to talk among themselves saying that my English is not the way they used to hear from the native speakers and they are scared that their children will get it.  ( Ermmm, I am not from the UK or US. So English is not my mother tongue but I believe that my English had passed the standards of the International School requirements)  or the child doesnt want to come to school because I was strict on making sure the children learn how to dress up themselves  especially the jackets and coats for winter . ( Perhaps the mothers think that I only have 5 children in the classroom where in fact  I have 17) . They can do that all day as they like but as long as you are not being fired or issued by a warning by your leader or principal. Just carry on. Smile at them in the morning assembly and happily take the children and stay on top of your game.

Teachers, be proud of the job you are doing. Everyday is a new challenge. Stay strong!



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Tales From the Buffet Spread

( Thanks to my DH who is now on a short trip in Houston and had a buffet breakfast in his hotel. Got me inspired to post about it )

Don’t you just love eating in a buffet? Ahh! The lavish set up of the different stations from cold cuts, cheeses,salads, bread and pastries,hot meals that highlights cuisines from different parts of the world or the best of the local dishes, live stations  where you can customize and have your meal made to order. An awesome treat that is worth to experience every once in a while.

Back when DH and I were still dating we look forward to breakfast buffets on our overseas trips. It is not just the food that we look forward to but it is more of getting free entertainment from the guests. So today, you will not feel left out because I am going to share  some of our” Buffet Tales: The Odd , the Bad and the Hungry”

The Finger

This took place in Langkawi, Malaysia in 2011. We were having the usual spread and then it was pretty busy as it was the peak of Christmas-New Year holidays. I was about to  get some milk for the coffee ( for some reason, they have a station for these lil jars  of milk ) and then….. A woman in her sari  goes and ask the attendants ,” Is this milk warm or cold”? and just a split second she dips her finger on the milk. It just sent chills over my spine. I walked away and pured myself a glass of milk from the milk dispenser. (I just hope she hasnt been ther to test the temp of the milk with her foot).

The Royal Banquet

When I was 5 months pregnant we took a short babymoon trip to Kuala Lumpur and stayed at Fraser Suites. It was a great stay and Frasers hospitality is always great. ( we had a stay with their branch in singapore as well) The only thing about this place is that the dont serve meals with pork products on it. this is in respect of the Islamic culture which is dominant in Malaysia. However, service, staff and location we give them top marks of 8/10.

Well, the Royalty part comes in when we saw two guys  from the Mid East. Possibly around their late 20s mid 30s. We thought that maybe they have company of family and friends with them because the amount of food on their table is like a replica of the buffet spread ( almost) only on little plates. Maybe they were hung -over from the night before , or just hungry from the flight. So oh well DH and I carried on and sat down and enjoyed our breakfast . Then we noticed that these guys are about to leave. Wow! that’s quick to eat the set up they prepared on their table . But hell no! It was just left on the table  and we thought they would come back and eat after maybe a smoke break or something but nope. THEY FREAKKIN JUST LEFT IT ON THE TABLE !  Come on! seriously I do not need to go as far as africa to tell you that there are children dying from hunger even on big cities like Malaysia.  MAN! If I am the buffet police I would definitely sentence you them toMAX ! No food but they will be tortured daily by the sight and scent  of the buffet food that  they wasted.

The Chair

This  was our first Overseas trip as a family in Singapore . With DH’s previous tenancy at Fraser Suites,we decided that it is the most family friendly place for us to book and enjoy the Christmas and New year of 2016.

The downside of this place is that the have a small breakfast buffet area and the choices are quite limited. It is quite predictable as a matter of fact . We got the pattern of Potatoes of Some Form ( it can chips, hash, tater tots, crisscut,wedges) Eggs of some form, beef sausage/chicken, mini pancake and a hot meal that can be chinese, indian, japanese ( miso soup) inspired plus a small variety of bread and pastries, cereals, and a salad and cheese station ( just a small and basic variety) this is because it is a serviced apartment and usually people eat fast and go to work . But since it was a holiday and there are not too many expats living there anymore it can get crowed and the turnover can be slower  during peak times between 9-10.30 am.

We would usually go and eat at around 8.00 and the place is not too busy and we can take the pram with us as DH was too small to sit on baby chair at that time. So we will be assisted and we would eat and enjoy a cup of cappuccino afterwards.

However, one morning. We got a bit later than our usual timing and it was a bit busy but still we managed to get a spot . We were eating and then there’s a family of 4 . The children are already adults and they were being ushered to the available 4 seater table for them. The dad wasnt very happy . He wanted to sit on the chair where he was yesterday and the previous days. But that spot is not available because WE were eating and sitting there. So my dear DH and I carried on. As there is no policy on reserve a seat on breakfast.But CHAIRman was not easy to be defeated. I guess the chair fits his bum well that he hopes that we will eat faster and then he can transfer the family on our spot. He slowly take his time reading a news paper and then eyeing our table if we are almost done. My DH noticed his not so subtle moves so he stood up and decided to get some pastries and another cup of coffee and asked if i wanted some fruit juice. DH surely got the moves to make the CHAIRman cringe . Well, he got no choice now as his wife and children are happily making their way back on their table with plates of food to enjoy the breakfast.

the balloon of hope slowly deflated in the CHAIRmans head. better luck next time!


The Savoy Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt is one of the must see and stay places other than the Pyramids of Giza . The views are amazing and the sea and their pool is awesome. Though they might be a bit slow on service and sometimes they can be a bit blur. We would definetly want to visit The Savoy again.

Our recent trip there was June 2016. And we enjoyed it so much because their breakfast buffet is one of a kind because they really highlight the traditional Egyptian breakfast of falafel, foul medames, fresh cheese, baked arabic bread , picked vegetables ah! If you are a foodie .. you will forget about your usual pancakes baked beans and bacon after you give this  variety a try.

So moving on the tale of the Picnic Box.  There was this family . They pretty much act and eat normal. but then it was about the end of their meal I suppose when the mum started collecting different bread and pastries from the bread station. IT WAS STACKED neatly . ( Is she a pyramid builder or what?) well, maybe its for the whole crew. After all they sat on the round table good for 6 people. But then she called the waiter and handed him a bill and he returned with a box. She happily put the food pyramid inside and covered it . I guess there’s a tea party after few hours. Or she will open a mini buffet table of bread and pastries  .

The Apocalypse Now

Maybe these guests think that the reason for buffet is that the end of the world is coming so restaurants are giving the people a chance to try and eat good meals for a good price.

The Apocalypse Now guests are pretty much existing in those places we have visited in the past. They come as individuals, groups, or couples. Their strategy is simple: STACK YOUR PLATE , EAT UNTIL YOU FEEL SICK THEN LEAVE A GREAT MESS ON THE TABLE. They are usually argue among themselves and complain why the other person did not get 4 eggs and 10 bacon strips? or  go ahead the fried rice and noodles can be combined in one plate make look like a castle moat. Oh dont forget the salad… we need some greens so people will not judge us for not being healthy ( SERIOUSLY?).

Then they will eat and check that they pretty much tasted everything so they get the value of their money or stay at the hotel. They eat fast and when they see something new that was missed on the first round. One of them will stand up and make sure will get double serving to make up for missing it. And slowly they will realise that they had eaten enough,  …more than enough ( coz eating rice with noodles or pasta and potato surely sums up the whole load of the meal guys). so they will leave half eaten croissants, untouched rashers of bacon , soggy cereals in a bowl and three glasses of orange juice.

And like the Zombies of the movie I Am Legend, they will walk slowly out of the dining hall and hang out by the pool or lounge and realise that the end of the world did not happen  but it looks like they will reach their end soon .

Do you have any tales from the buffet table to share? feel free to share .

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How to ….


I have been watching  this guy”s   funny youtube clips on ” how to… ” with his own children. He is from Auckland , New Zealand  Jordan Watson. In his classic laid back dad look he is a delight to watch on his Facebook page which I follow and then simply tag or share to my DH and other friends whom I think will also get entertained by this bloke.

I am not sure how “real” his vid clips are but to be honest, I think what he does is pretty much close to what is really happening to new parents out there. We are one of those newbie parents out there and it is not an easy breezy thing . Sure we do love our LO but everyday  there are moments that we get clueless or lost . ( but we never let LO run away from us and she is still learning to do Hi 5)

As a Christian parent the best how to be a parent guide for us is the book of Proverbs  Chapter 22:6    ” Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” ( ESV) Very concise yet straight to the point . As parents, we should be the first teachers of or children. We are instructed by God to teach them the right values from the early age and that we set good examples to our children . This will create a strong impact on them as they get older and it becomes a second nature for them .so that  they will grow up  with good values to become an asset rather than being a burden to their society.

I still have a long way to go on learning to  be a parent ( it is a dynamic process anyway) But I hope that my DH and I will be able to set a good foundation in our LO as she grows up and that she will never forget the values that we have taught her and someday she will also be sharing these to her future offspring.

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Air Borne One


My DH is on a short trip to the US for few days. Few weeks ago we also had a short trip to Sydney to celebrate LOs first birthday and meet my relatives. I must say that we can be on the category of frequent  air passengers and we have quite a collection of stories about service, passengers and the whole flying experience. today’s post will be  the types of passengers that we have encountered on our previous international and domestic flights.

  1. Hoarders –  hoarders are passengers who either over shopped from their holidays and decided to hand carry everything and then will try their luck to stuff everything on the overhead cabin. This seriously ticks me off because I am very conscious on trying to carry a minimum luggage to take in the cabin. Considering that I am now a mum and I have a to take bottles, milk formula diapers and clothes for the LO and yet the HOARDERS still push their luck and chances are , they have already taken my overhead space and they are not going to move that duty free bag filled with m&ms.

2. The Backpackers –  Okay I get it, you guys are living the life. YOLO!! Congrats on your latest hike  to some high mountain or that mystic temple and ruins of South East Asia or culture soaked in the major cities of Europe. However my dear brothers and sisters of Dora the Explorer in steroids please remember to bathe, wear clean clothes  and put deodorant before you get on the flight. The stench of unwashed hair, sweat soaked shirt  and dirty footwear should be categorized as threat these days. It is a biohazard flying  with an altitude of 30,000 ft!!!!. I have experienced this on my flight from Singapore – Frankfurt with Lufthansa in 2013. With her backpack ,hippie pants and tank top- she took her window seat next to me and oh my gosh! when she lifted her arms to put on her sweatshirt I knew that I am going to be doomed for the next 11 hours.

3. The Chatterbox –  well at least Backpackers are just too tired to talk and they would just sleep the whole time and that will at least minimise their arm raising and polluting the cabin air with their body odour scent. the Chatterboxes , are a bit harder to deal with. On my flight from Frankfurt to KL in 2014. There was a woman who worked for Continental and her colleague. The flight wasnt full that time ( probably due to the back to back tragedies of Malaysian Airlines) but lo and behold this lady sure got a lot of stories to tell her friend and she wans the whole cabin to hear it…. Unfortunately it is in Mandarin. She was in front of me and her friend kinda felt that everyone is giving them the stares and tried to warn the Chatterbox. But she failed . But then I think one of the passengers complained to the cabin crew and approached them to keep it low. Good thing she finally shut it down after the meals.

4. The Travel Package Group –  this group usually consists of older couples, families, and retirees, employees who got a company incentive . They will have always have that member who has  a camera hanging around his neck and they like to take pictures of every single event that is happening in their tour ( for scrapbooking maybe? ) They can also become hoarders and chatterboxes at times but not so bad. However this group of people like to loiter around the teeny space of the plane just to check their friends and ask “how’s it going?” Ermmm. well I think there’s not much going to happen  gin the next 10-12 hours flight to the destination since we are all in a very limited space of the economy cabin. ( Usually Asians are the members of these travel package tours)

5. The Family – Well, We are now into this category since LO started flying with us. Her first flight was when she was 6 weeks  ( Busan to Seoul) 3 months ( Busan-Seoul-Singapore) 8 months ( Seoul-Turkey -Cairo) ( Cairo -Sharm El sheikh) 9 months (Cairo-Doha -Perth)  and recently Perth-Sydney. I must say that I have the highest tolerance for families with little children even way back when I was still single. So now that I am a mum. I understood even better the realities of it. My recent trip back from Sydney was not very pleasant as the flight was full and I travelled alone with LO. The lady who occupied the aisle seat was obnoxious and complained to me that the teeny strap of my baby carrier was touching her leg. I took deep breaths and gave her the most exaggerated apology ” OHHHH! I AM SORRRRRRRY!!, the strap is brushing against your leg. I will move this cloth strap away so it wont bother you okayyyyy” and then I think she realised how crazy her complaint was and said.. Oh it’s ok you have a baby in your arms. I understand . ( Lady, WTH.. what do you think of my LO? a stuffed toy that wriggles and is cranky coz she wants to sleep!) Guys, my tip to survive a flight with babies or toddlers as co passengers. Just ignore it if it is not your child. Also, If you see a mother struggling to get her luggage from the overhead offer some help. they will appreciate and thank you for your kindness. If a toddler is kicking the seat, ask the parents NICELY to try to control their child.Dont forget to say thank you.

Air travel nowadays may not be as luxurious and glamorous as it was in the past. But  as a civilised being, try to observe courtesy and respect- to yourself and the rest of the crew and passengers too.Get on the waiting room on time, share the limited space of the waiting area and aircraft, switch off your mobile when told so, use indoor voice, Use the call button , flush the toilet after use, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, wash your hands, say please and thank you, take a bath before getting onboard ,wear decent and clean clothes when you travel,and try not to go to the toilet when the trolley is in the middle of the aisle or about to take off or land. When you have reached your destination, don’t forget to thank the whole crew on your way out . Also, when the seatbelt light is on, wear it!!

Thank you for flying with us and see you again….

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