The Good , The Bad and the Ugly of Renting

Hello readers! I have been quiet because I have been busy and to live by the name of my blog, WE HAVE MOVED AGAIN! Yes, last Saturday, we had our suitcases, boxes and other thingamajigs packed , transported and settled in our new rented house.

Our new place is smaller compared to the place we rented from Feb-July. I honestly prefer smaller places because as a SAHM, I would like an easy to clean and organise household. I am glad that this 2 br home with a storage/garage was approved when we applied for it. 

Renting is what works for us new families in Australia. Since we are still adjusting to the new life as residents. We get to know which suburbs are good or dodgy, also the proximity of shops and recreation spots for the lil one. I like to take LO to the park and let her run around or push her on the pram on safe trails every morning. For the past year, we have had our share of dealing with house inspections, applications , logistic planning and execution, condition report making, reporting maintenance issues, escalating issues and vacating reports and learning that there are Real Estate agencies out there that are mediocre, tacky and substandard. 

Our last transaction was with Love Realty( wtf is that name) Anyway, since my DH needed to move us here in Newcastle for his new job last summer, we were in a rush to look, apply and just get whoever approves us. We got a decent home, but it has a massive yard , full of steps and located in a steep cul de sac area where you have to endure a 15 min climb uphill with DH on a carrier ( 12 kg plus backpack) to catch a bus that only comes every hour. I endured it for 6 months because I am trying to be the Wife and Mum of the Year( lol).  My issue was with the realty agents, whenever we report anything, it would take ages for them to reply, when we filed the comments on the initial Condition Report, the manager called me and was not happy about our house comments. They always give you the condescending tone and as if you are at fault all the time. 

The worst part was this, when we vacated the place. I organised a housecleaner, a gardener to set the house clean. As an experienced Tenant from Perth and Central Coast, I know the drill and we have been successful in satisfying the vacating premises conditions.  NOT WITH LOVE. Their so called inspection specialist emailed my husband and said that the house was grubby and dirty. Now , that ruined my night! When the cleaner had the house cleaned, we checked and it was done well as expected. I was outraged and showed the email to the cleaning lady. She had cleaned end of lease houses and was mad too. She offered to get the keys and do the job and show them the photos to slam them. 

I am glad that the new agent I found is better. They are not perfect but at least they try their best to communicate with us and address our questions. As a tenant, we have rights too same as the landlords and owners. We co -exist together with real estate agents. I am sad that there are businesses like Love Realty, unfortunately they do not deliver in the game of real estate. They are as dirty like their “expression wall” in their office in Boolaroo. ( where tenants, sellers, buyers can write on the wall their feelings of Love to Love realty) I should have written something on that wall but I am not tacky nor low- class like them. I will be more creative and write about them here. 

So there, a tenant family’s life must go on. I still have to unpack . 


About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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6 Responses to The Good , The Bad and the Ugly of Renting

  1. I’m really amazed with your lifestyle! I love travelling as well but I don’t think I could to that (as of now). I mean, I get attached so easily with people and places that leaving makes me super sad. Haha. Good luck and take care in your new place! 🙂


  2. spacekoto says:

    Helllo!!! I nominated you sa The Awesome Blogger Boom Boom Pak Award! Haha! Nabasa mo na?

    Liked by 1 person

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