Along the Aisles of Toys R’ Us

Hello! I believe it  has almost been 3 months since I posted an entry on this space. Life has been busy up here . Taking my LO to tots gym , playgroup, and next week to a music and rhyme activity. I am also working hard to get my L license to P so I can legally drive in NSW. ( not cheap! But i am learning . Thanks to my instructors) I have improved but my confidencs is not that big yet and I am still  grasping the reverse parallel and the bay parking is still a daunting part for me. 

As we face autumn , it is also time to dig our jeans,cardis and blankies. It also makes me feel like eating all the comfort foods I like from the Philippines and beyond. ( ohmmm self control! Else, my weight loss from 82kg in Nov to 71 now and progressing will be useless!) I am chanelling that into crocheting and helping my bro in his online transcription projects.

As I am beginning to like the life up here in Newcastle, my only wish to make it more enjoyable is that I pass my driving test so it will be easier for me and LO to move around. I am a frequent 13CABS user and I have pretty much familiariased myself with the newie cabbies. 

Another upcoming thing is LO might be joining a Family day care on part time  basis. That will give me time to polish my driving skills , find work or simply give myself a break. At least for few hours. It will benefit me and LO as she is enjoying being with kids around her too. If I get a job , I can put her on Childcare . 

Ok, that’s my quick recap.. I have to go and catch LO before she sneaks out the checkmout area with an unpaid toy on her hand. 



About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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