Oops !we did it again….

Oh yeah! Here we are again. Packed , drove, moved, unpacked, sorted. Ladies and gentlemen. We have moved to another place again. 

It was 4th February 2017. A hot and humid day. We have moved from Central Coast to Newcastle. It was a good move as things were handled well by KC Removals and the team was in charge of loading the stuff, unloading , arranging and assembling the items for you if needed. 

This is our 3rd move within Australia from June 2016. As mentioned in my bio page we are experts in moving our lives in suitcases. Now with boxes and furnitures! ( whoo upgrade!! ….blah!) This is a local move and the whole process just took a day to get it done.

I thought that is it. Easy! But it had just started.. We rented a house this time and I must say that inspite of the age of the house, the interior area is beautiful. However, the exterior is like a Jurassic Park. 

Okay, I might have been exaggerating .TBH, it is a nice lawn, it is elevated in 3 levels , with cubby house, sandpit, swing and a tool shed. It is perfect to keep those medical slides with blood samples like in DEXTER. I just cant stand the idea that the AGENT allowed us to move without organizing a lawn and garden cleaner. I am currently going on quotes and BOY oh BOY!! The cheapest I got was 250 dollars and the other one that I dismissed was 550( he did not even look at the property) Anyway, I  meeting 2 other service providers and hopefully I can get this done. 

Next on my list was Internet. Our are has to go to ADSL since theres no NBN service yet. So when I called the provider we used to have,Bam ! Long phone wait! Seriously BELONG internet ! Do you only have one Customer Service Rep for all Australia? That is something I think my hisband is organizing. 

Though this post sounds I am whingeing. Well, yes!! I am telling you guys, that it is Stressful and frustrating. I am trying hard to get the house sorted when it comes to cleanliness( which I think os doing well) but I want to make it look better. I tried to clean it up myself but with a LO running around the area, I get to prioritize and choose my child over dried leaves. 

I will hope fpr the best and get this  stuff sorted soon. For now, deeep breaths!! 


About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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