Moving On

Hello 2017! I hope you all had a great Christmas and NY celebrations wherever you are. Do not be fooled by my chosen photo for this post. I am not doing a food related blog post tonight. I am just inspired by tonight’s antipasto and wine. 

Okay, now that we officially welcomed 2017. I am pretty much all geared up to welcome what this year has to offer. 2016 has been a series of packing and unpacking , getting the hang of things here in Australia and also a year of triumph for my grandma who endured a 12 hr operation to remove a cancer tumour on her tongue.( she’s rocking it well at 90 and now recovering well. Thank God)

As we are all moving forward on the  first few days of 2017. I have some points i’d like to happen as opposed to the usual resolutions list.

1. Declutter… Yes! Get rid of everything unwanted. Physically and virtually. Tbh, I have eliminated some peeps on my social media account. Especially those who curse and overshare their personal lives online. Dahling! We don’t need to know if your partner is cheating on you or the latest toilet you have been in to take a selfie. 

Also, decluttering our place of unwanted stuff. I hope I can do this and be able to be sensible on buying items and carefully thinking if it is a need or want.

2. Be gone those Psuedo-political analysts!I cannot stand the people who cant move on and accept the results of the last year’s elections. Seriously, can we just stop and pray and hope for the best outcomes that theelected  leaders can bring to our country and the world?

3. Respect for SAHM- I hope people will realize that we  SAHMs are also human beings and we are not on an extended holiday? We are tired and unpaid. And yet we display our lioness mama instincts to protect our young and families. Stop saying we are so chilled and relaxed because we are just ad busy as a top CEO in a top global company is. 

4. Quality vs Quantity time- we should look on to what kind of activities we are doing with our loved ones rather  than focusing on how much time we spend with them. 

5. Hashtag everything- seriously, please think before you attach hashtags on every post you make. I am not a big fan of it but it is kinda irritating to read posts that has hashtags on every singlen item on it.

6. So what?!- those people who like to say that :organic food is best, breastfeeding is the ONLY way, vaginal birth is more empowering than CS, no tv is the way to raise kids, home made food is the only food to eat, recycle … Please, do not sell them to me . I think I pretty much know how to live my life , raise my kid, and handle my family. If I need help I’d ask but do not shove it down on me. 

7. #happywifehappylife- so what does this really mean? If you get a Rolex watch, valentino purse, 20 course meal at a michelin resto, a golden underwear … ? That is it? How about when your partner helps you with chores or ask how your day has been?, listening to you, looking at you straight in the eye, a cuddle? Come on wifeys, let us put a balance on things okay. 

8 social media – honestly i think theres a class or FB usage 101 out there for  those who have been starting with the use of this technology. Like family members who do not seem to have filters in their brain and typing fingers. I had a few bumps with members of my family last year on FB and those who have seen my WordPress account and think that it’s hacked or asking why a toddler is not highlighted in a post is discriminatory? Yup no kidding. They exist …. in my family. 

9. Driving skills – i am 34 and just got my australian learner license. Laugh it out loud but yes. i am a newbie learner and freakkin nervous on understanding aussie road rules. Roundabouts? Pull:push on th steering wheel, head check. Plus i hope to find a reasonably priced and patient driver to teach me on weekends. I have sat for 2 sessions already and will go for another one next week. but if you are in the Central Coast NSW area, and you are a fully licensed automatic car driver who can teach me on weekends. Contact me. 

10. Pre  pregnancy weight – classic! I have been with Lite n Easy since november 2016. My starting weight on nov was 81kg. ( yep!i ballooned to 88kg before giving birth) But now I am on 76kg. ( holiday eating). I was 63 when I got married. So I hope that my health journey will prosper and continue to give good results with sensible eating and more walking for me and Lo. Not for vanity but I would like to be a healthier me to prepare to plan for LO 2 in the future. 

May the 2017 bless us with greater things !! 


About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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