Toddler Time

( set up an old box as our easel board and coloured chalk- LO dipped the chalk in water and she is clever that it will make the colours more bright)
It is officially summer here in Australia. And it is really getting warm. Me and my LO havent been exploring playgrounds on the past few days mainly because of the heat and strong sun. But that does not stop us from spending some time outdoors and play . We dont really have a lot of outdoor toys to brag about but as a former Preschool teacher,I do have some tricks under my sleeve ( from Pinterest and 10 yrs as a teacher archives department)

Here are some of the tried and tested activities we did in the past week up to now. 

1. painting with water

Materials: water, bucket, brushes or sponge, wall

Level of difficulty: super easy with adult supervision to ensure that the LOs dont drink or dive in the bucket. 


A. Fillthe bucket with water.

B. let your LOs explore or you can model the activity and let the LOs explore and observe what they can do. Encourage and comment on their work. Eg”i like the cloud you painted” even if its just a blob of water- that’s creativity.

Note: no stress if your LOs get bored. You can try this again in few days.

Extend the activity: pretend play as house painters, add food colouring on water( make sure you dont dress your LOs in expensive clothing so u wont blame me on my post) 


Materials: water , dishwashing detergent ,bucket, beach toys , cups,

Its not the blowing bubble activity but more of a sensorial play experience( i noticed that a lot of preschoolers these days are too sensitive in touching finger paint and glue in centres and schools) So heres a good start to get them used to icky and mucky play. Again, if you like to dress your kid up with designer clothing, think again coz this activity is kinda messy. Or better yet, keep the fashion gear for family photo shoots. 

Safety note: supervise the LOs not to eat or drink the bubbly water. 

The cover photo for this post is basically chalk and cardboard easel. Since we have accumulated a lot of boxes from our mov. This is an awesome way to express colour and creativity. Top tip: dip the chalkto water and it will created a more defined colour effect. 

There goes our simple SAHM hacks to entertain toddlers at home. 


About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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