Teething  is like….

LO turned 13 mos last week. Currently she has  4 upper and 2 lower teeth. When she had those coming out,she was a ROCKSTAR in handling it. Minor symptoms like loss of appetite, drool, softer BM and slight level of crankiness. It was easily handled. And she was fine. 

But now that she’s slightly older. Things are more challenging. Yesterday, she started coughing, runny nose . Good that she has  no fever. So the normal routine is on with breakfast and we even managed to get to church without any fuss. ( LO is a well-behaved bub during church service – she sleeps after the praise and worship and wakes up after the message) 

When we got home, I decided not to put pressure on solid food and gave her a soft meal and yoghurt and a lil bit of the Filipino “pancit bihon” But she is already showing signs of irritability. And I told myself. I CAN HANDLE a class of 20 kids, LO is only 1. Hmm, maybe I was too confident. I realized that her itchy or  painful gums are really bothering her so I applied Bonjela. She was ok for few minutes and the drama started again. Baby Panadol to the rescue. She was ok and had her milk and I was hoping that she would nap. 

2 hours after , no sign of a sleepy toddler. She wants cuddles  after a minute she wants to jump on the pillows , cries for a bit and I told myslef ok let’s move on and watch some house hunters renovation. That helped and I got a 45 minute break. 

The thing with having a toddler at home is that the time runs so fast like Usain Bolt . So I decided that for dinner, LO will have sweet potato puree. Easy to eat , no stress on her gums. DH suggested to chill it so its more soothing. ( score on the Daddy frontlines) . It worked after 4 baby spoons. In the end , she preferred yoghurt and a rye crispbread. ( fine! I will not win the mummy of the year award for this. ) as long she is happy and full on her terms. We will save the big meals when the teething fiasco is done. 

LO is still whine and cranky. I thought that a bath will calm her down and we will watch some Peppa Pig and Baby Jake on YouTube ( bless smart TVs) after. It was all cool and then here comes sleep time. Hurdles ahead. 

LO is asleep by 745pm but this time is an hour extra. Poor baby! After a dose of panadol for  babies, she was asleep. Heck, I will not put her on the cot tonight, she can snuggle next to me. 

Today we were up at 6.00. Same level of irritability and I gave her milk to calm her down and we started our Monday. Her mood is on and off but I will just keep on trying to do my best to sooth her. Sure thing it will drive me nuts but oh well, just face it and hope that the teeth will grow out soon. 

Meanwhile I saw this chart . Looks like we still have a long way to go. 


About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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