Busy With a Capital B

( used my iPhone for this day’s post)
I had a very busy week and even if I am a full time mum. I still like to use TGIF every Fridays. Somehow , I do feel  and try to pace myself a bit slower every weekends.

Aside from my usual mummy duties , I am also temporarily a solo mum as my DH is now based in NSW but at the end of the month we will all be flying there to have our lil family complete again. My days are no piece of cake but I am thankful that there are ways on how to cope with this kind of situation.

So going back to tasks that I am feeling proud of accomplishing this week. I started it with my DH car to get moved interstate. Though I had a brush of cold customer service treatment on Monday by their car office here in Perth. I will not let it just go by, I emailed the main office and shared what happened. It was kind of them to apologise and had my concerns handled by a more friendly staff. So on Wednesday, the car was collected. Task 1 checked!!

So the next will be getting the removal company paid and finalise the details. Well thank God for technology and with online banking. It has been crossed out of the list and I just got the confirmation that payment was received. Task 2 checked.

Now, it will be the dreaded part of packing our things again. Trust me, when you have a toddler who is always curious, and likes to open and scatter stuff on the floor. Packing items in boxes are like catching water with chopsticks. And how I managed to get Bunnings warehouse ? Well that’s biggie thanks to this app called Airtasker. ( post an errand or job and your budget , Voila you will be surprised that there are people who can help you )I had 2 tasks succesfully done out of 2 posts ( dh’s car and the bunnings errand. I am still finalising our inspection dates so I will be posting a house cleaning task soon) this task 3: Pending until i box and pack everything.

Meanwhile, my hard work had been rewarded during the midweek as my ACECQA overseas qualifications assessment result came in and I am a qualified diploma level  in Early Childhood ed and my short course on Medical Terminology and Reception was completed with the certificates. With those two and my ongoing logistic training , I am gonna be a Rockstar mama!!! Also, a friend im the US gave birth and my cousin in Melbourne got married. Good vibes!!!

Then, getting flights booked. We have learned that flying from west to east coast here in Australia is almost a proce of us going to Bali or Thailand. So with our previous experience with tigerair. We decided not to fly with them and use Jetstar . As Jetstay has more sensible pricing deals on luggage allowance . Click, pay … Booked . Tick that box on task 4!

Then the next will be how to get to Gosford without breaking our pockets with taxi and back if we catch the train( NsW trains are awesome by the way but due to our luggage and toddler in tow we will skip the train for thos upcoming move). I remembered my aunt telling me that my other aunt wpuld take a shuttle when the go for cruises up to their area inWollongong. So there! We found centralcoast transfers. It’s a shuttle service and we are sure that the vehicle is safe with an infant seat and they will drop us off straight to our home in Gosford. Take that!  task 5!

With that plus getting my LO to the doc for her  vaccination. Pretty much sums up the week. How do I feel?  Well It’s good that I have it all done. But I am  pretty overwhelmed  because there are some minor things that I might not paying too much attention like cleaning our place or spending quality time with my LO. I just hope that these things will be settled and we can move on and be complete again.

Hang on…. that sounds like another task .

Tadaaannnn .. the busy mum continues.

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About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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