Customer Service… served ICE COLD…. Brrr!


I am writing this post whilst listening to the 2nd bout of the US Presidential Debate. My! It was as entertaining as the previous Philippines debate. I didnt know this is the new comedy series! Better than NEtflix!

But as a busy mum  and staying on task with moving our stuff from WA to NSW. Today, I  need to call the car movers to follow through the email they sent to me that the car will be collected today. And the call came through ….( customer service rep will be CSR  and me : M)

CSR: ( “car service removal company” )good morning this is Kim speaking. ( her tone is already on level 8

M: Hi , I am R and I would like to check the status of my car pick up scheduled today. I do have my booking number with me.

CSR: WAIT! ( clicking  on the keyboard … tap tap tap) What is it again.

M: its ( the 7 digit code)

CSR: (volume level  is now on 9) no your car will not be picked up today. it only came in today in our system.

M: Oh that;s a bit strange because I paid on 7th of Oct and the email confirmation reads that it will be collected on 10/10/2016.

CSR: ( volume level 10 with amplifiers on the sarcastic and annoyed tone) If you have any issues with that  you call the company where you booked at . We are only a collection company. You have to wait 24-48 hours to get us back to you. Most likely your car will be collected on 12th oct.

M: ( deep breaths! it’s monday) Oh ok , thanks for your help. ( counting 1 to 10 so i wont self destruct) I will look forward to the updates then.

CSR: ( not changing her tone and volume) alright goodbye.

Wow! Kim surely had a rough weekend to be on that mood on a Monday. But I do not think that she should have packed it along to work today unless it is “Grumpy Monday” or “Let’s Be Mean” Day. I contacted their main office and emailed me about how the call was handled here in Perth. ( Yes, I am quick on raising concerns . but the mail was professionally composed ) They were apologetic and have referred me to another handler whom they say ( fingers crossed) is good on follow up and checking status with customers.

Done . I am cool .. and I am blogging about it now. hahaha

What has happened to the soft skill called CUSTOMER SERVICE? On January 2010, I had a short stint as a CSR at Sykes Asia and I was representing Prudential ( USA). And I remembered how the training sessions were handled on how we should talk over the phone, how the tone of our voices will set the mood and assure that our clients will feel that they are taken care of and that someone is LISTENING on the other end of the line. And with my job as a teacher , customer service is also being practised at work on  perhaps a different setting .

I don’t think I am a difficult customer myself. As a matter of fact, I am polite and most of the time apologetic especially if I know I would be asking a lot of questions. ( hey! i need to get info before buying or committing to a service). I always greet and  say my Please and thank yous and in a very respectful manner.I like writing good reviews. We have a lot of awesome experiences with different service providers ranging from moving companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants  ( i do have bad reviews  but thats another blog entry hahaha) aand even an airtasker who just helped me jumpstart an automatic car.

I am not going to say that customers are always right but also I do not agree that customer service reps should treat queries sarcastically. The reason why customers call and ask  is that they need help and  they should be attended to. To those CSRs having a bad day, please take deep breaths and think that the caller will not be your punching bag of frustrations. If CSR job is not your thing, maybe it is time to move on and take a career change. Be a jail warden, a bounty hunter, bull fighter,  special action force member to hunt down bad guys in Iraq and Syria.Please not the service desk. You are a liability more of an asset.

Have a beautiful week ahead !

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a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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