World Teacher’s Day

Now, I have to to say that I have been out of the teaching industry since July 2015. But thanks to social media Facebook. That reminded me that 5th October  was World  Teacher’s Day! To be honest, I am a bit confused on this day because some countries would celebrate it it on September ( my teaching stint in Singapore) and May for Korea. Some countries  that I have been posted at don’t celebrate it . ( Germany and Bahrain).

And since I am a Filipino. This entry will be for everyone who is in the teaching field. Salute to us !( I would still like to involve myself in as I may return on the field again in the future) . I am delighted to see the gifts , school dinners or lunches being posted as it shows how teachers are being valued by their students and parents. Keep up the good work and continue the legacy of inspiring the lives of your students.

And just for laughs. I had gathered some funny memes from google images. Relevant and every teacher will get the “feels” .

First this one:


Well here is the truth y’all. Looking back on my routine when I was still teaching it goes like this:  Looking at our weekly plan ,preparing the classroom, children comes in -check attendance, (console crying kids) read a story, perform the learning activities in numeracy, literacy, music and movement, bring children for outdoor activities, wash hands before snack, ensure that they eat their snack and drink water, do art and craft, clean up the spills, ensure that the children tidy up and wash their hands, prepare letters for parents ( if any) get ready for hometime, line the children up, make sure that every child was with the right parent or guardian at hometime. Read and answer emails from the parents , sit on staff meetings, prepare the lesson activities for tomorrow. upload photos and compile children’s work. switch off the light and computer and then go home.  Now if you hear someone say this.. please reward them… with a hi5 on the face.

Next meme…


This is true. I have encountered some parents who were like this. ( Not that I got fired) Some parents  believe that their child is not capable of doing such and such a meek lamb  and a cherub at home.  So it is the teacher’s fault . tsk, tsk ,tsk…. Pray hard that your supervisor or principal is not gullible to entertain such parents and their ridiculous behaviour. If I were a principal ,and I know that my teacher is only doing her job dutifully, I will be glad to serve you a withdrawal form from this school mr.and mrs obnoxious.

Meanwhile, let us move a bit away from demanding parents and get into the staff meetings ….


That dreadful one week before school opening. Instead of prepping up your classroom. The principal calls for training session or meetings that usually takes days to be finished. And they will say that the classlist is being re updated . Then you will either be left with a day or two to  type , print in various fonts  for labels , record files  and laminate. But then….!!!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is so true! My solution on this is that I bought an  laminating machine  for myself( a4) and then just use the class’ laminating machine. But not all teachers would do same. this is one of the most annoying things to happen  during the preparation for the new school year.

but honestly…..


It should be a partnership between parents and teachers. We are no rivals in raising up children. Let us not compete or point fingers at each other. I believe that parents should set the foundation at home where the child feels nurtured , cared about and loved. In school we enrich these values  by exposing them to other children and following rules  and routines  set by the school .

But you know what dear teachers, Do not give up. DO not feel offended easily from hear says  coming from parents. In Korea, I have few parents who like to talk among themselves saying that my English is not the way they used to hear from the native speakers and they are scared that their children will get it.  ( Ermmm, I am not from the UK or US. So English is not my mother tongue but I believe that my English had passed the standards of the International School requirements)  or the child doesnt want to come to school because I was strict on making sure the children learn how to dress up themselves  especially the jackets and coats for winter . ( Perhaps the mothers think that I only have 5 children in the classroom where in fact  I have 17) . They can do that all day as they like but as long as you are not being fired or issued by a warning by your leader or principal. Just carry on. Smile at them in the morning assembly and happily take the children and stay on top of your game.

Teachers, be proud of the job you are doing. Everyday is a new challenge. Stay strong!




About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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