Tales From the Buffet Spread

( Thanks to my DH who is now on a short trip in Houston and had a buffet breakfast in his hotel. Got me inspired to post about it )

Don’t you just love eating in a buffet? Ahh! The lavish set up of the different stations from cold cuts, cheeses,salads, bread and pastries,hot meals that highlights cuisines from different parts of the world or the best of the local dishes, live stations  where you can customize and have your meal made to order. An awesome treat that is worth to experience every once in a while.

Back when DH and I were still dating we look forward to breakfast buffets on our overseas trips. It is not just the food that we look forward to but it is more of getting free entertainment from the guests. So today, you will not feel left out because I am going to share  some of our” Buffet Tales: The Odd , the Bad and the Hungry”

The Finger

This took place in Langkawi, Malaysia in 2011. We were having the usual spread and then it was pretty busy as it was the peak of Christmas-New Year holidays. I was about to  get some milk for the coffee ( for some reason, they have a station for these lil jars  of milk ) and then….. A woman in her sari  goes and ask the attendants ,” Is this milk warm or cold”? and just a split second she dips her finger on the milk. It just sent chills over my spine. I walked away and pured myself a glass of milk from the milk dispenser. (I just hope she hasnt been ther to test the temp of the milk with her foot).

The Royal Banquet

When I was 5 months pregnant we took a short babymoon trip to Kuala Lumpur and stayed at Fraser Suites. It was a great stay and Frasers hospitality is always great. ( we had a stay with their branch in singapore as well) The only thing about this place is that the dont serve meals with pork products on it. this is in respect of the Islamic culture which is dominant in Malaysia. However, service, staff and location we give them top marks of 8/10.

Well, the Royalty part comes in when we saw two guys  from the Mid East. Possibly around their late 20s mid 30s. We thought that maybe they have company of family and friends with them because the amount of food on their table is like a replica of the buffet spread ( almost) only on little plates. Maybe they were hung -over from the night before , or just hungry from the flight. So oh well DH and I carried on and sat down and enjoyed our breakfast . Then we noticed that these guys are about to leave. Wow! that’s quick to eat the set up they prepared on their table . But hell no! It was just left on the table  and we thought they would come back and eat after maybe a smoke break or something but nope. THEY FREAKKIN JUST LEFT IT ON THE TABLE !  Come on! seriously I do not need to go as far as africa to tell you that there are children dying from hunger even on big cities like Malaysia.  MAN! If I am the buffet police I would definitely sentence you them toMAX ! No food but they will be tortured daily by the sight and scent  of the buffet food that  they wasted.

The Chair

This  was our first Overseas trip as a family in Singapore . With DH’s previous tenancy at Fraser Suites,we decided that it is the most family friendly place for us to book and enjoy the Christmas and New year of 2016.

The downside of this place is that the have a small breakfast buffet area and the choices are quite limited. It is quite predictable as a matter of fact . We got the pattern of Potatoes of Some Form ( it can chips, hash, tater tots, crisscut,wedges) Eggs of some form, beef sausage/chicken, mini pancake and a hot meal that can be chinese, indian, japanese ( miso soup) inspired plus a small variety of bread and pastries, cereals, and a salad and cheese station ( just a small and basic variety) this is because it is a serviced apartment and usually people eat fast and go to work . But since it was a holiday and there are not too many expats living there anymore it can get crowed and the turnover can be slower  during peak times between 9-10.30 am.

We would usually go and eat at around 8.00 and the place is not too busy and we can take the pram with us as DH was too small to sit on baby chair at that time. So we will be assisted and we would eat and enjoy a cup of cappuccino afterwards.

However, one morning. We got a bit later than our usual timing and it was a bit busy but still we managed to get a spot . We were eating and then there’s a family of 4 . The children are already adults and they were being ushered to the available 4 seater table for them. The dad wasnt very happy . He wanted to sit on the chair where he was yesterday and the previous days. But that spot is not available because WE were eating and sitting there. So my dear DH and I carried on. As there is no policy on reserve a seat on breakfast.But CHAIRman was not easy to be defeated. I guess the chair fits his bum well that he hopes that we will eat faster and then he can transfer the family on our spot. He slowly take his time reading a news paper and then eyeing our table if we are almost done. My DH noticed his not so subtle moves so he stood up and decided to get some pastries and another cup of coffee and asked if i wanted some fruit juice. DH surely got the moves to make the CHAIRman cringe . Well, he got no choice now as his wife and children are happily making their way back on their table with plates of food to enjoy the breakfast.

the balloon of hope slowly deflated in the CHAIRmans head. better luck next time!


The Savoy Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt is one of the must see and stay places other than the Pyramids of Giza . The views are amazing and the sea and their pool is awesome. Though they might be a bit slow on service and sometimes they can be a bit blur. We would definetly want to visit The Savoy again.

Our recent trip there was June 2016. And we enjoyed it so much because their breakfast buffet is one of a kind because they really highlight the traditional Egyptian breakfast of falafel, foul medames, fresh cheese, baked arabic bread , picked vegetables ah! If you are a foodie .. you will forget about your usual pancakes baked beans and bacon after you give this  variety a try.

So moving on the tale of the Picnic Box.  There was this family . They pretty much act and eat normal. but then it was about the end of their meal I suppose when the mum started collecting different bread and pastries from the bread station. IT WAS STACKED neatly . ( Is she a pyramid builder or what?) well, maybe its for the whole crew. After all they sat on the round table good for 6 people. But then she called the waiter and handed him a bill and he returned with a box. She happily put the food pyramid inside and covered it . I guess there’s a tea party after few hours. Or she will open a mini buffet table of bread and pastries  .

The Apocalypse Now

Maybe these guests think that the reason for buffet is that the end of the world is coming so restaurants are giving the people a chance to try and eat good meals for a good price.

The Apocalypse Now guests are pretty much existing in those places we have visited in the past. They come as individuals, groups, or couples. Their strategy is simple: STACK YOUR PLATE , EAT UNTIL YOU FEEL SICK THEN LEAVE A GREAT MESS ON THE TABLE. They are usually argue among themselves and complain why the other person did not get 4 eggs and 10 bacon strips? or  go ahead the fried rice and noodles can be combined in one plate make look like a castle moat. Oh dont forget the salad… we need some greens so people will not judge us for not being healthy ( SERIOUSLY?).

Then they will eat and check that they pretty much tasted everything so they get the value of their money or stay at the hotel. They eat fast and when they see something new that was missed on the first round. One of them will stand up and make sure will get double serving to make up for missing it. And slowly they will realise that they had eaten enough,  …more than enough ( coz eating rice with noodles or pasta and potato surely sums up the whole load of the meal guys). so they will leave half eaten croissants, untouched rashers of bacon , soggy cereals in a bowl and three glasses of orange juice.

And like the Zombies of the movie I Am Legend, they will walk slowly out of the dining hall and hang out by the pool or lounge and realise that the end of the world did not happen  but it looks like they will reach their end soon .

Do you have any tales from the buffet table to share? feel free to share .

photo credit: google images


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a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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