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My DH is on a short trip to the US for few days. Few weeks ago we also had a short trip to Sydney to celebrate LOs first birthday and meet my relatives. I must say that we can be on the category of frequent  air passengers and we have quite a collection of stories about service, passengers and the whole flying experience. today’s post will be  the types of passengers that we have encountered on our previous international and domestic flights.

  1. Hoarders –  hoarders are passengers who either over shopped from their holidays and decided to hand carry everything and then will try their luck to stuff everything on the overhead cabin. This seriously ticks me off because I am very conscious on trying to carry a minimum luggage to take in the cabin. Considering that I am now a mum and I have a to take bottles, milk formula diapers and clothes for the LO and yet the HOARDERS still push their luck and chances are , they have already taken my overhead space and they are not going to move that duty free bag filled with m&ms.

2. The Backpackers –  Okay I get it, you guys are living the life. YOLO!! Congrats on your latest hike  to some high mountain or that mystic temple and ruins of South East Asia or culture soaked in the major cities of Europe. However my dear brothers and sisters of Dora the Explorer in steroids please remember to bathe, wear clean clothes  and put deodorant before you get on the flight. The stench of unwashed hair, sweat soaked shirt  and dirty footwear should be categorized as threat these days. It is a biohazard flying  with an altitude of 30,000 ft!!!!. I have experienced this on my flight from Singapore – Frankfurt with Lufthansa in 2013. With her backpack ,hippie pants and tank top- she took her window seat next to me and oh my gosh! when she lifted her arms to put on her sweatshirt I knew that I am going to be doomed for the next 11 hours.

3. The Chatterbox –  well at least Backpackers are just too tired to talk and they would just sleep the whole time and that will at least minimise their arm raising and polluting the cabin air with their body odour scent. the Chatterboxes , are a bit harder to deal with. On my flight from Frankfurt to KL in 2014. There was a woman who worked for Continental and her colleague. The flight wasnt full that time ( probably due to the back to back tragedies of Malaysian Airlines) but lo and behold this lady sure got a lot of stories to tell her friend and she wans the whole cabin to hear it…. Unfortunately it is in Mandarin. She was in front of me and her friend kinda felt that everyone is giving them the stares and tried to warn the Chatterbox. But she failed . But then I think one of the passengers complained to the cabin crew and approached them to keep it low. Good thing she finally shut it down after the meals.

4. The Travel Package Group –  this group usually consists of older couples, families, and retirees, employees who got a company incentive . They will have always have that member who has  a camera hanging around his neck and they like to take pictures of every single event that is happening in their tour ( for scrapbooking maybe? ) They can also become hoarders and chatterboxes at times but not so bad. However this group of people like to loiter around the teeny space of the plane just to check their friends and ask “how’s it going?” Ermmm. well I think there’s not much going to happen  gin the next 10-12 hours flight to the destination since we are all in a very limited space of the economy cabin. ( Usually Asians are the members of these travel package tours)

5. The Family – Well, We are now into this category since LO started flying with us. Her first flight was when she was 6 weeks  ( Busan to Seoul) 3 months ( Busan-Seoul-Singapore) 8 months ( Seoul-Turkey -Cairo) ( Cairo -Sharm El sheikh) 9 months (Cairo-Doha -Perth)  and recently Perth-Sydney. I must say that I have the highest tolerance for families with little children even way back when I was still single. So now that I am a mum. I understood even better the realities of it. My recent trip back from Sydney was not very pleasant as the flight was full and I travelled alone with LO. The lady who occupied the aisle seat was obnoxious and complained to me that the teeny strap of my baby carrier was touching her leg. I took deep breaths and gave her the most exaggerated apology ” OHHHH! I AM SORRRRRRRY!!, the strap is brushing against your leg. I will move this cloth strap away so it wont bother you okayyyyy” and then I think she realised how crazy her complaint was and said.. Oh it’s ok you have a baby in your arms. I understand . ( Lady, WTH.. what do you think of my LO? a stuffed toy that wriggles and is cranky coz she wants to sleep!) Guys, my tip to survive a flight with babies or toddlers as co passengers. Just ignore it if it is not your child. Also, If you see a mother struggling to get her luggage from the overhead offer some help. they will appreciate and thank you for your kindness. If a toddler is kicking the seat, ask the parents NICELY to try to control their child.Dont forget to say thank you.

Air travel nowadays may not be as luxurious and glamorous as it was in the past. But  as a civilised being, try to observe courtesy and respect- to yourself and the rest of the crew and passengers too.Get on the waiting room on time, share the limited space of the waiting area and aircraft, switch off your mobile when told so, use indoor voice, Use the call button , flush the toilet after use, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, wash your hands, say please and thank you, take a bath before getting onboard ,wear decent and clean clothes when you travel,and try not to go to the toilet when the trolley is in the middle of the aisle or about to take off or land. When you have reached your destination, don’t forget to thank the whole crew on your way out . Also, when the seatbelt light is on, wear it!!

Thank you for flying with us and see you again….

Share along your flight experiences on the comment box below.





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a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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