On Living Space

Looking back in 2005 , When I left home for Bahrain to work as a private tutor/ shadow teacher. My employer  assured me that the housing will be provided. It will be a rented room and I will have the basic furniture with it . I am quite happy with that arrangement as it had really taught me on how to be independent and manage a small space of my own. Fast forward the events in Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and South Korea where  it was never an issue of finding or renting a place to live.

Then when we came here in Perth on June 2016, we had our first hand experience on the realities on how to choose a place to live. We have been looking online and the best site we have tried is realestate.com.au.  It is a search engine on whats for rent or sale in all Australia. you can filter it according to your budget, type of house etc… So we actually found a decent one to rent that is fully furnished and situated near the city and I do not really have to drive as there is a bus and train stop nearby. We basically just have to walk in the unit and unpack our suitcases and get the fridge stocked with food and we are happy tenants.

As Perth had been starting to get into our systems as our new home. An opportunity came for my DH to move to the East Coast  to start a new job. MAN!!! it means we will eventually have to move out and a search will have to go again. GOSH! it was tough! the East Coast real estate game is totally different from the Western State. There’s more competition hmm actually the MAINLANDERS from the Great Wall ( i might be accused of being racist) who come to Australia either to work or study  are the toughest to beat. They are loaded with cash ( from both legal and illegal sources maybe) so the usual procedures of applying for rental or buying becomes an auction game. SIGH! oh well my DH decided that he will try the area near his workplace and we will just try other suburbs when we are more settled. What he aims at the moment is that he finds a place and we will fly to the East Coast soon. Alas! efforts paid off and we got a place. It is an unfurnished place but we are excited because we can give ourselves a go on furnishing our “first home” as a family.

And so here I am.. about to call movers to get quotes for interstate moving soon . Get the suitcase ready and start packing.

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About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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