Have you packed your suitcase yet?

Hello! I have finally took the courage to start blogging. I have a high admiration for those who have been diligent in posting and sharing their thoughts online and I hope that my little snippets of  thoughts derived from real life experiences will make you feel that “HEY! I am a normal person and I am empowered to do and be whatever I want to be.

A quick say on why this site is called “our life in suitcases” . Well, It is because that’s how my life  I turned to be when I was  22. No, I did not ran away and turned  homeless! But  I ventured into the lifestyle of being an Overseas Filipino Worker in 2005. My Life has been a series of packing and unpacking my suitcase in a new country. More details on that later and how that single suitcase also turned into more than one at the moment.

This site may take you on various throwback moments and then present situations and perhaps future as well. Kinda like the series “How I Met Your  Mother” . So sometimes it can be legen…. wait for it dary!!! wordpress blogsite hi5 !!

Another thing that I must tell you that I am no expert of the English language as my mother tongue is Filipino so I hope you will save your grammar  police moments because I only give that permission to certified IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English  examiners.If you dont like my site, feel free to just not read it. No posting of foul language , obscene photos and fighting with other readers ( lol! assuming that I will have an audience)

Now, that’s all for now and let me get this site visually appealing at least…. errr how huh?

photo credit: google images



About ourlifeinsuitcases

a pre school teacher , wife and mum . former OFW . Being a stay at home after giving birth is a new opportunity to share my previous experiences, tie it with the present times and reflect on them .
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