Thank you FIFA 2018 !

July 15th 2018, the World Cup 2018 declared France as the winner! They scored 4-2 over Croatia. I somehow hoped that Croatia will win the cup as I had put myself cheering for the unexpected teams: Belgium, Sweden and Croatia after Germany was eliminated from the Group qualifiers. It was a good choice as these three teams had moved all the way up to semis, and finals. Belgium, by the way, bagged the third place.

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As we had all cheered on and looked forward on every match that took place from June 14 until last night ( early morning to some), some of us may have also followed the rescue drama of young football players who were trapped in a cave in a province in Thailand. It was indeed a successful effort of different nations’ search and rescue teams, divers, doctors, special forces and media to keep the world updated about the rescue of 13 men. It was another triumph that is worth celebrating and definitely another set of medals for everybody. Unfortunately, the rescued Thai boys were not able to make it to watch the finals but I am sure there will be plenty of time to catch up for the Premier League and UEFA and other sporting events.

Back here in Australia, I have developed a fan girl moment with Lucy Zelic. ( proud of her Croatian heritage! love love love her to bits) She and Craig Foster had really done well on hosting and commenting on the highlights of the WC2018 games. Girl power at its best to show the world that women can also be major a sports commentator.

here is an emotional link  on Lucy when Croatia made it to the finals.


Oh and her 2 brothers also play football. Go on Google her. She is amazing! ( to me )

Moving on, while my DH and I were watching last night, we talked about how much money ( if any) players get. DH is from Cairo and his team was at the WC18 but also eliminated early. SO he told me that Egypt team got 8 million dollars as a team. So that is not a bad cash incentive. Im sure it is not as much compared to those of Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar Jr. on their Premier League salary but for those who have just joined the league, it is good money. Here is what I got from the web on their incentives. I have also found out some more cash payout information on other leagues  from a very reliable source: Google. This will make a housewife and part time sports commentator understand how the football playe families budget their money on their groceries, utilities, mortgage and other daily expenses.  ( I am kidding but I am going to accept it if I get an offer. SERIOUSLY!!!)

And these are just your usual and known teams that you or someone you know would watch on your local or cable channels. I have not done yet my full income analysis . ( too much numbers make me sweaty!)

Image result for world cup 2018 cash prize Image result for premier league cash prize


WOW! what a lot of MONEYYYYY! It got me thinking, wow so you basically play with your 10 mates against the other tema, kick, attack, defend, score a goal , endorse products and money will be on your account. End of story.  Wronggg!!!  I looked on my Instagram account and with my Germany team being out of the season , I looked at their feeds. It does look like their are chillin’ and having a good break but then I saw J.Boateng, and M. Neuer to be cited as an example still training while on holiday. And then I realised that as a football player, you are bound to train pretty much  every single day of your signed up career. Think about how many squats, deadlifts they have to do,  kilometers to run, cycle , lifts ,resistance walks, lunges, not to mention head attacks , leg shuffles to practice. IT IS HARD WORK! I guess that is why they get so much money.


What is going to be next after FIFA 2018? Well, there’s Premier League, Bundesliga, Laliga starting on August, UEFA Europa is ongoing.  If  FIFA 2018 somehow made you get curious about football /soccer, maybe you can check more on these on your local sports channel , cable, sports streaming apps. That way, you will understand the game better, see your favourite players again, or just test yourself if you really like football or you just watch leagues to find your next date in the local pub. It will be helpful at least on your small talk part on that chic or bloke you are trying to impress with your loud cheer.

auf wiedersehen!



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World Cup Fever

I have been in a silent mode since I came back from my visit to the Philippines. I was just too busy with SAHMness and all the perks that come with it. LO had started going to the childcare again on Thurdays and that just gives me a a fab time to catch up on updating my CVs, watching Nordic Noir series ( will blog about that soon), walking 10k steps without pushing a pram and going for casual job interviews here and there.

Related image

And then the 15th of  June came. It felt like I was in  Wolfburg, Germany again circa 2014. The World Cup had officially started. Russia is the host this time and there has been a new team that qualified (Panama), comeback teams who have been not on the scene for more than 20 years. This link  below will give you more ideas and a credible resource to read further:

Now that you have done your external link reading. Let us go back to the game. I am a certified newbie in Football/soccer ( here in Australia) . The easiest way to understand the game ( at least for me) is that 11 men on each team, one ball to kick around for total of 90 mins. There is a half time after 45 mins. Each team has a goal keeper to guard the goal( duh) , no hands , you can use head, legs, chest to pass , shuffle  ,kick  ( learn your  body parts and functions to match the moves to the parts) . There are lines that each player shouldn’t be stepping on when attempting to score a goal, goalkeeper needs to be careful as well. The goalkeeper can also be involved in the play by kicking and even joining the teammates as long as he can come back and protect the goal gates on time. Each goal is 1 point. SO sometimes the whole 90 minutes is over and it can be just a score of 1 or a draw. But it really depends on the players. Throwback Germany and Brazil 2014 , where Germany scored 7-1 Brazil( host country)

So there are 9 Groups (4 countries in Each Group) They play amongst their group and then whoever scores top on the qualifying round  moves to semis, then finals. During the qualifying campaign, it can be a melting pot of emotions. It is by far more exciting than  watching  some of the TV shows . Totally worth the 4 years wait .

I am going to be honest to write here that my fave team for this World Cup is Germany. It may appear to you that I am riding the last World Cup’s Champs bandwagon but I have watched most of the players in Bundesliga whenever they have matches in Wolfsburg. I also recognised some of other countries players who had played for German league as a loaned football player. So no < I am not a bandwagon passenger. I have seen their games, saw how the German players are disciplined in the field . I am sure the other teams are . But this is my page so I can make my choice.


Image result for die mannschaft

So the logo above can be seen on the German Team’s ( Die Mannschaft) jersey.  The four stars represents the number of times the team had won the World Cup. (1954,1974,1990 and 2014). If you are getting bored of this. Please leave the page now. So  anyway, I am pretty psyched to watch them. Unfortunately, their first game with Mexico did not look good. The German line up had lost the names of previous World Cup. They did not quit or stood up the team or had a cancelled visa. It is just how the life cycle in football goes. Players get old, and the young ones have to take centre stage. Also, there has been some politics going on this time. But that is something I dare not disclose because I have not checked those facts thoroughly. As a newbie, I am fangirling and just too excited.

The next match of DM was with Sweden . It was 2-1. It gave the boys a good jump on the score board. Until last night, When their group has to go for the final match to choose who will qualify for semis. Mex-Swe, Germany- South Korea. South Korea has represented the Asian region well in the past World Cup series but I was not so worried when I read about the match. I was pretty confident that the Gemans will get into semis.

But hell I am sooo wrong. First half was  nothing! Second half came,  and  on the last few minutes of the game, the Koreans scored. and followed by another, when the German goal keeper / captain ( Manuel Neuer) was already playing on the field. Thinking it  might give hope for the DMs to score. end of the game. 2-0. Shuffle to the next channel. the Mexicans were quiet. Sweden scored 3-0. So it means that, it is not enough that you are champions or top gainers at the beginning. Things can still change and boy it was sad to see the last WC 2014 champs to be sent home.

Image result for die mannschaft

On a lighter note, It had been a long known tradition that the curse of the champs also happened to the French and Spanish teams years go. As I have mentioned earlier, It must be the cycle of new and young guns on the field, and just like life, nothing is set on stone. Must be really devastating for those who bet and had money involved.

I was sad and was messaging my friends in Wolfsburg since WC 2018 started. With differrent time zones, we are supporting the team we believed on. Nothing wrong with that. We simply must accept that this is possible to happen and we move on.

Will I stop watching the next games till finals. Oh no! Im still going to wake up early mornings, stay up late with my blanket on the sofa. Id like to see more of the Swedish, Danish and Belgian teams play hopefully.  They are really good and I must say the Swedish team are soo good looking with those blue eyes, alright, this is not the next top model game .. it is still FIFA World Cup2018.

Image result for sweden team world cup 2018

I will always remember Germany on this Photo… how i met my fave team….


Image result for die mannschaft

photo creds to google images

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Back to Homeland

Image may contain: indoor

February 17, 2018. I took my LO with me to the Philippines. We endured the midnight flight from Perth via Singapore Airlines to Manila. It took us a total of 11 hours flight with the airport waiting, layover in Singapore and finally Metro Manila……. after 8 years of being away as a single OFW and now a chubby Mumma with her toddler in tow and a suitcase ( take note: only 1 suitcase for the 2 week trip even though Singapore Airlines are very generous in providing luggage allowance of 30 kg for each passenger, I decided to go light and fuss free).

Our aircraft landed at 1.00 in the afternoon and the humidity struck us as soon as we stepped out of NAIA Terminal 3. Whew, I can feel the sweat trickling as we walked in my cousin’s car  to drive us to Astoria Plaza in Ortigas. ( I booked a 2 night stay just to give me and my daughter a recovery time and also not to get overwhelmed by the Metro Manila traffic . ( I am originally from Novaliches QC and the distance from our house to the airport  plus the congestion on Saturdays will equate to a disastrous , tired and cranky tot and mum combined). my parents joined us in the afternoon and we had a yummy  afternoon snack of Buddy’s Pancit Lucban and Pinoy Barbecue. Yum!!!

Image result for buddys pancit

Also, Astoria Plaza is across the First Preschool I worked at. ( Lincolnshire International Preschool circa 2003-2004 at Goldloop towers random trivia there)

Image may contain: skyscraper, sky, cloud and outdoor  Image may contain: skyscraper, sky and outdoor

the yellow and green building is Goldloop towers)

We went to Sm Megamall and yes, the Pinoy culture of shopping malls , window shopping has evolved. I am amazed at the brands that the Philippine Malls are carrying and I must say that they have a lot there compared to what we have here in Australia. However, since I had been away so long. I find it tiring to go level after level of shops. I kinda miss the Kmart , Target and Big W feels. One level, everything is there. Groceries as well, the cashier and bagger boy tandem in Manila is equivalent to a single cashier also bagger person here or self check out if you prefer. I don’t see the need of a cashier, checker, bagger lady necessary in SM department stores. They don’t make the check outs any faster to be honest. Although, the initiative of no plastic bags is a good thing to see in the shops and takeaway restaurants in Manila.

Our first Sunday was spent by attending the afternoon church service at Christ Commission Fellowship at Frontrera Verde in Ortigas. ( again a massive church but I really admire their ministry in changing the spiritual lives of the Filipinos).

Image result for ccf ortigas location    (google image photo)

On Monday, we checked out of  Astoria  and took a Grab XL car back to Novaliches. I am so glad that Grab and Uber are now in the Philippines and make the travel around the Metro more convenient and comfortable. I never had a bad experience with Grab and Uber in the Philippines and I hope that when I get back these services are still around.

Novaliches , aside from the traffic congestion in Sauyo, I am glad that Sm Malls had built one near our house. sooo easy and I just need to take a tricycle and voila! Errands and simple shopping needs are done ! Our old subdivision has changed  too, lots of renovated houses , but  really annoying to see that they built their houses so big and got themselves those big cars like Montero, Ford Rangers, and similar 4×4 suv types  but no driveway so  hello double parked cars on the streets. making a narrow subdivision street narrower. Deep breaths… I am only home for 2 weeks and I’d try to focus on good stuff. Like Jollibee!

Image may contain: 1 person, food  It was also a series of meetups with classmates from high school and college. Friends from church and most of all family members. Even though I had to skip a few due to timing and traffic. I am sure they will understand. ( some didn’t unfortunately and had some nerves to be mad and say bad things about me. Seriously!!! I better ask them next time for a return ticket if  they really want an exclusive) .

Image may contain: 4 people, including Leslyn Lapuz-Peña, Rowan Javier Gadelrab and Chris Templo, people smiling, indoor  Image may contain: 4 people, including Susan Javier and Rowan Javier Gadelrab, people smiling, people sitting Image may contain: Jonah Bitagcul Pellazar and Rowan Javier Gadelrab, people smiling, selfie and closeup

Image may contain: 5 people, including Edwin T. Tamayo and Rowan Javier Gadelrab, people smiling, people sitting and indoor  Image may contain: Sarah Pascual Entuna, Lorie S. Pascual and Rowan Javier Gadelrab, people smiling, people sitting

Image may contain: 4 people, including Leslyn Lapuz-Peña, Rowan Javier Gadelrab and Alisa Monge De Asa, people smiling, people sitting and indoor Image may contain: 11 people, including Jeiel Morales Preclaro, Susan Javier and Rowan Javier Gadelrab, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

We did not go for an out of town trips during this short visit but I am really glad that I made this short trip back to Manila. This trip made me realise how we are blessed to be living in Australia right now but I am forever grateful to my mother land, the Philippines. It is not the best country to raise a family or be in a laid back  style of life  but I admire and respect  the resilience of every Filipino who chose to be  in the country . I hope and pray that someday, our country will also progress when it comes to discipline, cleanliness , economy,education , social integrity and an efficient government system.

So on the 2nd of March , I booked another staycation place for me and my family  as the last leg of our vacation. We chose One Pacific Place in Makati, just because of it’s proximity to the airport. I prefer not to be stressed on our flight day back to Perth and also a simple treat for my family to have a change of ambiance and enjoy a comfortable serviced apartment accommodation. after all, my family deserves a treat for looking after me and my daughter. I hope that next time they can also come and visit us here in Perth.

thank you Manila for the wonderful humidity, extra calories and kilograms gained over the 2 weeks stay. It was worth it!!!!

Image may contain: 3 people, including Susan Javier and Dave Tango, people smiling, people sitting Image may contain: 4 people, including Dave Tango, Susan Javier and Jose Lorenzo Farrales Javier, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor  Image may contain: 4 people, including Susan Javier, Rowan Javier Gadelrab and Jose Lorenzo Farrales Javier, people smiling, people sittingImage may contain: 4 people, including Dave Tango, Susan Javier and Rowan Javier Gadelrab, people smiling, indoor



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Response to @spacekoto’s One Lovely Blog Award

I just got an alert on my email that my fave blogger , supah virtual friend spacekoto tagged me on her super witty post. So I wanna thank her for thinking of me and giving me something to think about myself and post about. ( I love the slum book feels on WP)

So basically I have to write 7 random facts about me and nominate 15 people. Ermmm. I cant think of 15 but if you are reading my blog, comment below or post on your page and I’ll read it of course.

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I like to mop our floors.

Since we moved to Australia and we have no more luxury of hired help. I learned the tricks of the trade on how to keep your house tidy even with a toddler. Although the tidy look only lasts for few minutes, at least our floors and toilets are clean everyday. Below is my favourite mop which I also like to wash , sanitize and hang dry after.

2. I can’t stand people who would do these on social media:

Share their domestic problems and curse and tag their enemies

Cook or bake something that makes me gag because Gordon Ramsay did the same too

Post their ” luxury” items online bit clearly it is fake.

3. I am one of those people who would say I’d get one item in a shop and will end up with a bag of stuff.

Yes a lot of gifs and memes about us . Guilty as charged!

4. I wish I can eat all the food that I want without gaining a single gram.

Because….. Rice is life!! And Adobo

5. I like to cry in silence whenever I get frustrated and then blame myself for having fluffy eyes look the next day.

Hell yeah… coz I am an emo mum and wife sometimes.

Well at least I dont post it on social media.

6. I sometimes screenshot and share stuff to spacekoto and then we would laugh about it.

7. I would love to go on a high tea party with my best buddies and skip the tea and drink a lot of bubblies. 🤣

Cheers and have a nice weekend

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Happy New Year! A blessed 2018 to everyone. I hope everyone had a meaningful holiday season with your loved ones.

After the Holiday rush, I have resumed back to my notorious life of packing our life in suitcases ams boxes again! Yep! Not just boxing the Christmas decoration , or next suburb move but INTERSTATE! We are going back to the West! In PERTH!!!!! My husband, got a job offer and we said yes to the west!!

I must say, I have become a master of this moving thing. When I met up with my friend in Sydney last week, she was amazed on how we do it. Planning, choosing a moving company. ( shoutout to SantaFe Wridgeways our second time with them for Interstate as my other fave moving company KC Removalists cant go interstate) , sorting things, getting your agent know your move, paying bills etc , flights, luggages and accommodation on your new destination. Getting the family car moved to Perth too.

If you are curious how much the move costs here is an idea:

Suburb to suburb: 800-1200 AUD

Your items picked and will arrive same day

Interstate : NSW TO WA car included 5900-6000aud

Insurance covered, car arrives 2-3 weeks , house goods 3-4 weeks.

Flights: average 200-300 per pax

We learned Virgin Australia is the best way to go!

Rental car : 25 a day aud with baby seat

Temp housing : a fully furnished place ave of 400-450 aud a week.

House cleaner: 130-170aud

Moving house to house every 6 months is an expensive game but we cannot avoid it at the moment. We are still new in Australia and we have to find where to establish ourselves. I am proud of my husband as he is so hardworking and resilient to provide for our family. He is not perfect and so am I but we are a team whenever and whatever we do.

( our rented house in Kotara after the movers collected our stuff 9/01/18)

So June 2016, we landed in Perth, moved to Gosford NSW on October, Newcastle on February 2017 and another move on July and back to Perth on Jan 10 2018. That is the current poll.

Which is a better state?I must say I like the vibe of Western Australia, it is a good balance of city living , recreation( we have awesome beaches that are not as freakishly crowded like Bondi or waves at Newcastle Beaches, vineyards, farmstays , trails ) year round that are relatively cheaper, food is defo more delicious and offers more variety!

Kite surfing at Safety Bay

Cape Peron


East Fremantle at Dome Cafe

Part of Perth City Views frm our friend’s apartment where we are temporarily staying.

We are now going through the house rental hunt again but this time around , we are no newbies and understand things better when it comes to aiming for rental properties and we are more diligent in searching for a place.

Hopefully we get that sorted before our items from Newcastle arrive here in the west.

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Across the Miles

Last post was a bit angsty and not too pleasant. And since ’tis the season to be jolly, merry and a bit fatty. ( i am talking about the ham) I would like to share a happy post to thank someone and everyone actually this Christmas season.

Let me start with a big shout to spacekoto for her super care Christmas package!! Space and I had been chatting months after we meet on WP. And one time, we were talking about snacks and food I miss eating during SG days. And oh boy! We do have a lot in common when it comes to junk food!! Hahaha! Lo and behold! I got a box of Singaporean Chili Paste, Sambal, seaweed chips, tom yum chips, ruffles, cheetos jalapeños , kaya spread! I wanna start eating them now and cook a big pot of chicken rice tomorrow and have the chili!!! And also prepare a rendang, yellow rice and anchovies to have the sambal blachan sides!! Stock some beer and eat the junkfood whilst bingeing on Netflix favorites !!! What a delight!!! I dont care if we gain weight! Diet starts when I realise my clothes dont fit !

Now, some of you will ask, if why I looked so deprived of simple stuff here in Newcastle. Well, to tell you the truth, it is a bit challenging to find Asian products here. Not like in Sydney, or in Perth( spoiler… we are coming back!!) that the city is so diverse and a lot of specialty shops around. Also, Australia does not sell a lot of American potato chip brands like Ruffles. Because we have Walkers. But Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar, singapore chili blachan is my kryptonite. Fun fact: i ate a dish with the Singapore Chili Blachan the day before I went to labour. Anddd, I asked my parents to bring me bags of Ruffles from the Philippines when they came to Korea to help me on my post natal recovery. Ok TMI… moving on.

Ok, too shallow for some but let me continue my unboxing. When spacekoto had her 1st anniversary on WP , I gave her a small token of crocheted coasters. And in the happy box , She also have a cake yarn for me!! It is a bit too warm to do yarn crafts but for my dear @spacekoto, I will be getting my hooks and return to “hooking” and pursue being a hooker! Lol!

But the best among the fantastic goodie box is this :

A handmade card and postcard with a lovely message . It is a wonderful reminder that even if I did not make a lot of friends yet here in Australia, have been estranged from some of my relatives. There are people like @spackekoto who understands my vibe and never fails to cheer me up ! I hope that her dreams of migrating here will come true and we will meet in person so the laughter will be louder and tummies will be fuller with more food and drinks too.

To my dear @spacekoto thank you for your Christmas and New Year…. until Valentine’s Day goody box! What a surprise to have someone banging on our door while we are having a nap ( I thought neighboura are complaining from snoring .lol) But mr .DHL and your gift!

Always, remember that we may thousands of miles apart but that will mot be a hindrance for us to enjoy the gift of friendship.

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It Takes One Bruha to Know Another Bruha….


My mum is the patient and soft-spoken one. Even when she is super upset, she calmly approaches the situation and oftentimes, she nails it! I secretly admire her for this because I am her exact opposite.

Now that I am in Australia and mum is in Manila. We would catch up through Facetime and she will share with me all what has been going on with everyone we know. Recently, her mum who lives with my aunt 3 hours away from my place asked her to deal with legal and financial matters. Which is normal as grandma is 92 years old already. Unfortunately, it is not a walk in the park as my mum had to deal with characters that somehow replicate the Stepsisters of Cinderella trapped in the bodies of her 2 sisters.

My history with these aunts is not Hallmark moment worthy. I grew up being scrutinised and judged on every life decision I make. Somehow they have some hidden grudge against me. When I first meet them in Bruha Aunt 1’s house, Bruha Aunt 2’s welcome salvo to me was… ” oh finally you made it here in Australia, your mum lost her chance when I gave it to her because she chose to be engaged to your dad”

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the way to welcome your niece to a family lunch. I snapped back at her and said, “well, a wise decision my mum made, because, I was born and I was raised by her and my dad well enough to have a happy life.”—- hidden Bruha activated.

Her white hubby hushed her and said to let the topic rest and it is not a good way to start a conversation. My husband luckily was busy chatting with the rest of my relatives and was spared from the banter of the Bruhas.

When my Grandma was diagnosed with tongue and mouth cancer last year. The Bruhas wanted me to so my mum to be a temp caregiver for grandma. Because Bruha 1 lives on the South Coast and Bruha 2 has a job. So, mum came last year and became a carer for gran s she recovered from surgery and accompanied her for the 9-week radio therapy. Did theBruhas treat her well? If allowing my mum to visit visit me 4 times in 3 months is a normal thing well, I shall save my comments on judgement day.

Skip to recent events where my mum would have to take time off from her work and process the documents for the bank in Manila and pay the post to be sent over to Bruha Palace. So they basically need to have gran sign and send back and provide evidence that my 92 yo gran is alive. It would take them weeks to comply and have my mum wait in vain deal with their sarcasm, rudeness on messenger and seen zone moments. I am keeping my inner Bruha sleeping and waiting for the click to kick in. However, I passively drop hints on my mum to speak.up and say something to the Bully Bruha.Sisters she has. I am the tiny spoon of salt that rubs to the small wound.

Alas, the day finally came! My mum’s inner dragon has arrived! This morning in our usual Facetime session. She interrupted my dad and told him that she has a news for me. Oooooh… Aggressive! Dad stepped out and went into his morning cycle and mum told me the news that Bruha Aunt went ballistic on her. Why? Apparently, the Bank wanted additional information. The birthdate of Bruha Aunt 1 and 2. ( manila banks are full.of red tape)

So the Bruha aunt screamed at her saying she doesn’t have this information!!! Seriously??? What the flying F”@&? You dont know your freakkkking birthday and gone crazy on my mum?? Who had to do and deal with all the shitty stuff you B@&$)” are too lazy or uninterested to do anyway and just appear when the storm had passed or when they know it will fill their purses up.

So I became the heaping spoon of salt and told mum that screw them and I will help her with gran. It took me 3 phone calls because gran had to check her documents for her deceased parents birthdates. Also, I looked at my old documents and found the birthdates of the 2 Bruhas. Done in half an hour. No dramas, no need to deal with the monstrous attitude of the Bruhas. Called my mum back and then before the business day had ended . The bank called my mum to say all is settled.

I called grandma to relay the message and she was happy. I have anti Bruha powers . Because I can be one too but , I chose not to be. There is no need and I somehow think of them as my relatives at least. But maybe I will just keep my distance. Less talk, less mistakes.

Sometimes, I think about what is the root of their unpleasantness towards us ? Is it because we did not fit in when it comes to money matters? Should there be standards on whom you should like as your family? I am not perfect but I respect my elderly and other relatives. I have 3 uncles back home who were never married and are a bit on the low social status. One had passed away due to illness and the 2 are struggling with loneliness and old age. But I do speak to them politely even if they may look unpleasant sometimes. They can be annoying because they like to ask of I have extra money for a cig or so but I just tell them kindly that “sorry uncle, not today.” And then we talk about something else and when it is time for them to leave, my mum would send them some food and toiletries to live a dignified life even if they are alone.

Meanwhile, My Bruha aunts will attack them endlessly whenever there are reunions . Yes, they send help but when they are back here in Australia, they will talk and say how miserable their brothers are and they deserve it because they were foolish and careless when they were younger. Unlike them who studied , and left the motherland for and have a better life over here.

I am not spared too, they always rub in me that I should be working again to earn more money. Buy a house! Get 2 cars! Look at your cousins, they work and have children too. Well, me being an SAHM is a decision I made with my husband and it is because He CAN support us too. We rent a house and have one car and there is nothing wrong with that right?

In few weeks will be Christmas. And it will be equivalent to parties and get togethers. But I have already told my aunts that My family preferred to celebrate on our own this year. It may sound rude to some but I prefer to celebrate with my true family.

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My Learning to Drive Journey

Today is one of the happiest dayof my life!

I never learned to drive a car. We do not own one growing up and I am cool with the art of commuting. 

However, now that we moved to Australia , I have no more excuse not to learn and get my license. Last year, I signed up for the Learners Theory test to get the Learners Id. It is quite a process to get the license here in Australia but I think it has really good reasons why. 

Now, I have to be honest that I failed the first theory test. Geez 30 items u can only make 4 mistakes. Well, in the end I got it. And the lessons begin.

Lessons are not cheap. It costs around 45-70 dollars an hour. Or, you can have someone you know teach you. As long as they are full license holders . But, I tried it with my DH and I chose the path of paying the instructor. Why ? Because my husband And I wanted to stay happily married. Thank you. 

My lessons, due to my hubby being at work, can only be done on weekends or night. Which is challenging because it means I do not have a lot of momentum or continuity of driving and being confident. Well, it is fortunate that we found instructors who are kind and adaptable to my schedule. Also, my LO started daycare so I got Fridays free. 

Driving teachers…..

You do not commit to the first teacher you meet. Go for an hour session and see how you feel. I had 5 teachers to give a go. 

Teacher 1: Female, stocky , grumpy.

She drives an apple green hyundai getz. When i first met her, she asked me to drive in a parking lot . Just basic skills . It was ok but she kept on doing it and always scolding me and she kinda hates non Aussies. Ok missy, bye.

Teacher 2:

It was short and sweet. Unfortunately teacher 2 only meet me for a test drive. He was actually good. Calm, and took me straight on the roads of Gosford. But we moved to Newcastle a week after I meet him. It was a shame I had to let go. 

Teacher 3:

Salesman? surfer? real estate agent? 

Non stop chat! I like to chat but later, it was turning out that he is also losing his patience on me. Dunno? Stressed? Wife busy all day at work? ( i got these info from his chattiness) or maybe because Im bored of his surfer stories and what real estate property is good around. After Easter , he disappeared. 

Teacher 4

An older man. Doesnt talk much but really straightforward and honest. He asks me to sign sheets about my progress too. Like a teacher, dad should be. He is good. And really takes safety seriously. 

My backup:

Rockstar: teacher 4 has a friend who owns a driving school car and when T4 had his car serviced , Rockstar helped me a bit. He is like T4 but a bit scruffy and likes to hum…. And bust a line Breakdown tenenenen. One session was not bad but I am happier with T4. 

The Test..

I asked my T4 if I am ready last Aug 25. He said why not? So we went , and the assessor was a lady. She has a serious face and a squeaky voice. She is alright but I was just fffn nervous. I did not do my reverse park well and I miscalculated another vehicle coming from my right so she had to hit the brakes. FAILED.

I didnt cry or anything . i was hopeful actually. So my t4 said.” Let’s go again” I said yes. So Sept 8

My daughter was unwell that week. Damn! I did not sleep well but she was better on my test day. So I went on. However, the mind speaking  about how is my daugheter in school got me.. no major fails this time but , the assessor thinks I am not doing my headchecks at the beginning and was better at the last few minutes of the course. ( by the way I got same lady assessor) So if you have 4 missed observations. Failed.

I am not gonna give up. This P license had to happen. So I booked again. 22nd Sept. so boom booked. The day came and behold…… the paper is actually 25th Sept. Bloody Monday. I cannot make it. So quick think. Go to website and change. Darn! It is fully booked till Oct. so I decided to go for the Newcastle testing area.A mum like me took her test there and she passed at one go. It is a busy place and T3 took me there too but It was too crowded. I found a suitable time for me and day… 29th Sept 1.15.

I know I am a freakkin nervous driver. So I became more vigilant and signed up with another teacher ( lets call him, back up) to teach me on monday,got t4 to teach me tues and thurs night and backup on friday morning and t4 on an hour before my test ( i paid t4 ‘s car for test which is always the best way when you go for test) .

I was desperate. I google map the routes we go and remember the signs and possible hazards. Laugh all you want but that is the way I can only think of passing this test. Post pregnancy and being a full time mama and housewife can tangle your nerves and brains. 

Test day:

My assessor is a tall , bald but cheerful man. He smiles , jokes with my instructor. We did the papers, and off to the parking lot. 

The test goes like this : 

Check the cars lights, indicators, brakes and tires . 

Start the car and listen for his instructions. 

Breathe, focus, relax, focus breathe.

The course has 25 zones it is around 30-40 mins. Now, since my assessor is a happy bloke, I told him straight about what kind of driver i am. I am nervous and i mess my right and left sometimes so perhaps a hand direction guide may help. He is absolutely fine and said” i will be okay with that”. 

It was different from my previous 2 tests. It may be the time, road condition and perhaps i had somehow learned from my mistakes too. But iI felt that the assessor has a contributing factor too. 

I was not overspeeding, in fact i had only 1 mark for being slow. Few hits on road positioning ( forgive my lefthandedness) a bit slow on decision ( nerves guys come on).

The verdict:

When you return after the course you need to park the car and make sure the assessor can get out of the car. He will ask you to wait on the comfy seats of NSW- Roads and Maritime Services corner. 

T4 asked how it went and I said I was ok. No interventions or anything. But we cant guarantee that. 

The assessor called me and said  the feedback. I was looking down the paper and because he put an x on the pass box i thought I failed again. But he said, i passed . I PASSED! 

So he handed me the red P plates . Damn it is the most precious plastic red P !  He took my green license ( learner) and I have to pay 57dollars for the new one which will arrive in 5-7 days. 

T4 was proud of me. Like a dad who has a daughter who keeps on failing Math tests and finally made it. 

I finally made it! I am 35 and I can drive. 

T4 drove me home and reminded me of the things a new P license holder like me should remember. The best advise: Practice and be focused. 

Watch out… I am gonna be driving! Beep beep! 

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Random Things … 

Special thanks  to spacekoto for tagging me. It is one of her Award Nominations—- space, you are a pop star on WP!!

Anyway , like previous Awards circulating around the wp.I am not forcing anyone to join but if you feel interested, the rules are

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Share random facts about you. Sorry spacekoto, i cant think of 14 at the moment. 

3. Answer the 3 questions  

4. Pass it on  with same rules and tag as many bloggers you like. 

So spacekoto here are the answers and 14 random facts .

Q and A

1. If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would you ask for?

A.  A healthy life for me and loved ones

B. A drivers license

C. Im gonna be shameless… money and lotsa money

 2. If asked between me and your friends, who would you choose? 


 3. If you were a tree, what would be carved in your trunk?

Don’t fuss… eat more bacon

Random stuff about me:

1. I am left handed. I have the tendency to mix up my right and left especially when giving directions to cabbies.

2. I like music from the 50s-70s. My favorites are Misty, You are my Special Angel, Someone to watch over me.
3. Recently I am hooked into old or period series. Particularly from BBC. I just finished Downton Abbey and now cruising along Call the Midwives. Something  about English series that I like is the straightforwardness of the plot. 

4. I cry easily watching drama series. Too much makes me catch fever. Lol

5. My hubby and I like to cook and eat… and we love our wine and beer but we know our limits. 

( my tomato and roast pepper soup) oops coke at the background from my Lil one’s party over the weekend)

6. I do not have friends here in Australia. Or maybe I havent met them yet. But I do not really care. I believe that even my good and true friends are scattered around the globe. I am happy. 

7. I recently learned crocheting and I am addicted to it. I am not the fastest but I have completed few projects. 

8. My first overseas job was in Bahrain . january 1 2005. I was very excited because I was given a job to be a tutor to a boy with special needs. But the society had seen me as a nanny during my stint there. I sorta  lost my self esteem there but I got the hang of it. 2 years after,  I left and I was back to teaching and I am grateful for that exposure because my employers had given me a very good reference letter. I had also learned a lot from them as a Jewish family, and also how to be independent. Too independent I never settled in the Philippines and had always been on the move.

9. If I were to choose a country to live and settle it will be Germany. I admire their lifestyle – rustic, simple and humble.

10. My favorite scent is Chanel Chance. Very feminine. 

11. I like to wear boots. The army kind. My trustworthy ones are my grey canvass Palladium and Doc Marten’s .My husband thinks I must have been a soldier in my past life. 

There. If you wish to join. Here are my 3 questions.

1. What is food item ( it can be junk lol) can you indulge all day?

2. What era would you like to re live again?

3. What  song you hated most? 

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Hammer Time

Last week, my DH had been experiencing a great deal of stress at work. I really felt bad for him because he had been facing all sort of crap from clients, backstabbing colleagues and an MIA team leader when shit hits the fan. He was contemplating to stay on or just quit. 

As his wife, my duty is to talk to him and pray for him . Trying times at work can really make a person lose hope on themselves and just throw in the towel. Thank God that my DH is a man who is also prayerful and believes to letGod  be in control . A few days after, things got bearable at work and DH is coping well.

So one afternoon,DH decided to drop by at the grocery to get stuff for the house plus some bonus. He wanted to cook dinner. Now, in our 6 years of knowing each other. Food and cooking is one of our channels to cool down. So I let him take the kitchen duties that night…partly. 

DH decided to cook Beef Schnitzel , or Fried Chicken Steak … in Egypt they also call it Boeftek – im not sure if i wrote it correctly in English  -sounds like biftek.


Rump steak 3 pieces( it’s on specials)

Salt ,pepper, paprika, chopped onions, mixed spice seasoning, steak seasoning ( DH likes to play with  the spices bottles)

Hammer lol! Meat tenderizer 

2 Beaten eggs, flour breadcrumbs


Wash hands

Prepare your workstation by wrapping a big chopping board with a cling wrap. 

Lay the meat and bash it! The angrier or stressed you are, the better! It will make u hit the hammer harder and the meat will be flatter! The meat will be bigger though. You may cut it in half if you think the size wont fit your pan later.

( DH in his work clothes! Bashing his stress away)

Season the meat with the spices and chopped onions. Set aside for 15 mins.( adding onions on the meat marinade is how my MIL in Egypt does so my DH follows it too. ) 

Dip the meat in the bowl of flour coat it evenly , then beaten eggs and bread crumbs. 

Frying time: heat the pan with oil that is enough to cover the pan’ surface. Do a sizzle test … not to hot or the meat will be burnt. 

Fry the meat approximately 2 and a half mins on each side. Turning it twice until you achieve the golden brown colour. 

Place the meat on a plate with paper towels to absorb the oil. 

Serve it with lemon or any condiment you fancy. 

DH cooked a risoni and chorizo with mushrooms too but it was a bit salty.  However , it still worked . You may pair it with potatoes or onion rice. ( will share the recipe next time ) 

Then paired with a bottle of Campfire Red by De Bortoli Wines . ( you can get 6 for 60) at Hunter Valley.

After the meal. DH had his motivation back and his work week was bearable. 

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